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anyone else having trouble with globe broadband?

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Ever since Friday Bayantel has been and still is flaky. Yesterday was the only day that I have had stable service and I was spending most of my time answering emails that I was suppose too days before. As for Bayantel's customer service they wont answer the phone. The one time i did actually reach a person I was told there was no problem that they could see.

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well globe seems to have got slightly better... now wether this is light at the end of the tunnel im not sure but they had better buck their ideas up because i am getting in sky broadband on a short term trial ....true market competition in the philippines.. a very rare thing!!

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I went to the Service Centre wlth my bill and got 7 days refund, 532 peso, because of poor service for a week. Its pays to complain but I would prefer to have a [email protected] aok service without the need to complain!

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Bill H

Just when you think Globe can't sink any lower, the snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and slide even further into the abyss. I received an email on Friday, telling me Globe would repair our very poor connection on Sunday. So we waited with high hopes. Sunday morning the phone rings, the maid answers, it's Globe and they ask if we have Internet. Maid (who doesn't really use the computer very much) sees me on line and says, yes we have Internet. Globe hangs up and that is all we can expect from Globe on Sunday. I fire off an email as soon as I hear what happened and they tell me the problem is fixed because the maid said so!


Four emails later they promised to actually do something today, but of course that didn't happen and I still can't log onto half the sites I need to log onto!


Globe, a company you love to hate!



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