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6.8 Magnitude Earthquake under Tanon Strait

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being in Mactan - I didn't know about the PANIC in cebu. Now that explains the Phone Networks being busy. Talk about over reaction to a lil tremor. GG.

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I am very sensitive to the situation as I had to guide family and employees through it as well. I was a bit scared myself sitting on the 7th floor of a 14 story building. But by nature I am pragmatic

Here in Argao, it was closer to a minute-felt like being on a big fishing boat with big swells in the ocean. Then we had second much quicker/smaller. My dog was trembling all over. Maid clutching kitc

First time you've hugged your wife in 19 months? Geez man, do it more often. : )

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The Philippine drama unfolds..........But I hope that families and expats are getting through all this. Hope that the main event is over....That is the "Ring Of Fire" The Pacific Rim........

This is why they over-build the houses there. I thought mama and papa were crazy with the ReBar and welding.....on the renovations they have been doing the last two months.........now this.

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Floor is jolting again in Argao as I type this. 6.36am local time.

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I had a ring of fire this morning from the habeneros I ate last night.

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There has been much talk of fearing a Tsunami but no one has said anything about whether one was in fact likely or not following a 6.9 earthquake. Perhaps this will add some info to relax some fears.


  • Magnitudes below 6.5
    Earthquakes of this magnitude are very unlikely to trigger a tsunami.
    Magnitudes between 6.5 and 7.5
    Earthquakes of this size do not usually produce destructive tsunamis. However, small sea level changes may be observed in the vicinity of the epicenter. Tsunamis capable of producing damage or casualties are rare in this magnitude range but have occurred due to secondary effects such as landslides or submarine slumps.
    Magnitudes between 7.6 and 7.8
    Earthquakes of this size may produce destructive tsunamis especially near the epicenter; at greater distances small sea level changes may be observed. Tsunamis capable of producing damage at great distances are rare in the magnitude range.
    Magnitude 7.9 and greater
    Destructive local tsunamis are possible near the epicenter, and significant sea level changes and damage may occur in a broader region.
    Note that with a magnitude 9.0 earthquake, the probability of an aftershock with a magnitude exceeding 7.5 is not negligible. To date, the largest aftershock recorded has been magnitude 7.1 that did not produce a damaging tsunami.


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just had another small after shock here but small my screen is shacking and it is 7.50 am tuesday in dgte

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Hmmm, just felt my building shaking here in Talisay,

and heard a loud thunder in the distance (may have been airliner)

Are these still aftershocks??


Ah..must be, answered my own Q: http://www.sunstar.com.ph/cebu/local-news/2012/02/08/phivolcs-7-tsunami-warning-correct-sees-more-aftershocks-204918

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