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Possible Phishing site? You may have used it.

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A friend tried to tell me I could pay for my NSO MC order by credit card online. I told her no, only if you order from another country and the charge is $20. She said she had just done it and it was p330. I asked her how and she sent me this link:




I told her she should probably call her credit card company and tell them she might have used a phishing site and she needs a new card.


This site does a great job of appearing to be affiliated with the NSO, other than not putting the NSO shield on the site which would probably cause legal action from the NSO. However, the NSO website, ecensus.com.ph does mention citizenservices or the company listed on the site, Teleserv.


You can't order an NSO cert through them but it uses another site to take your personal info and that site actually makes the ecensus order and then you come back to Teleserv to make the credit card payment. This is like using a fixer but would you give your credit card info to a fixer? This site has been around some time and I'm sure their reputation and clientel has grown. At some point though, I quite imagine a lot of people are going to have some strange large cash advances show on their bill.


If you have used them in the past I would advise you get a new credit card.

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