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Appraising the Emerald Stone in Natural Form

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By the way, this is an example of gem quality emerald. It is roughly 3 x 3 x 3 cm:




While the specimen in question does not appear to have the transparency of this magnificent group of crystals, that does not mean that it is not valuable. Some specimen collectors spend vast sums on top quality items while others have more modest means and don't expect to own magnificent, large crystals for the money they spend.

Hi Dave, Thanks a million. Perhaps you can give us some reference on how the citrine or amethyst of good quality looks like a good-gem quality. From discussions here, I noticed, that most of the time - it is mentioned that this are mined and lots of digging?? From my understanding, of how these are "sourced", the "natives" just know where to sniff, break or cut ?? and will look around depending on what you "specify".? Is there something wrong with their source?? It looks like there is not much labor to it but only know where to "sniff.."


With my 3 kg. weighing scale I'm getting a sp.gr. of 11 ??? latest test showed 20 ?? perhaps has the stone absorbed water, something I am not doing right?? I'm getting figure far from your specs ?? of 2.67 to 2.78 - of course this is a rickety weight scale..


By the way, I'm a local..


By the way, any idea what these "minute" crystals spkes are ? A million thanks...

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Wow! What an interesting thread. And man, if Esoy is a scammer he has his work cut out for him. A little intro- I am a gemologist in Bangkok and have a Filipina wife who works with me in the busine

personally i would leave it to the experts because there could be a massive stone inside the rock and if you start chopping away you could affect the value of the rock .

I think Esoy would have a bit of trouble scamming anyone on this site. Our long-standing, proud tradition of entrenched cynicism and dyed in wool pessimism would make this a tough audience to run any

Jess Bartone

Now that you are all sleeping soundly I will go.


You're a gem, Ologist. Big posts intimidate me but yours grabbed me from the first word and did not let go until the last, and even then not fully. After 12 pages of speculation, you shattered all illusions with your insider knowledge.


What I would love to see is your report after a hands-on examination of the rock in question. For all the reasons you stated, I was starting to really believe it was something special, but I can see now it's probably not. Welcome back.

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Ologist, is there a gemologist in the Philippines that you would recommend to Esoy to have his stone checked?

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