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Waterwheel Power - can help supply electrical needs

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This URL http://tube.7s-b.com/waterwheel+generator/ is a website dedicated to "waterwheel for power generation" technology. This site has 31 pages of links to video and article on various waterwheel projects from all over the world. I myself am carefully going through this site with great interest and a note pad, because I plan on designing and building a test system on my farm this coming year, after the rainy season, and will post pics, videos, and notes if the design is successful, and of pitfalls, modifications, or compromises needed to make it functional.

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I posted this in another thread and even in a wrong thread. A comment from another member made me decide to repost it, but as an independent thread. This system can be used to generate power for a mul

fisher paykel washing machine motors will work as alternators. i picked one up at the local rubbish dump for $5. neighbour uses one, powered by a 50 foot drop 1" hose. the supply pond refills slowly

For the conventional (horizontal shaft) waterwheel, there are several options: Undershot, Overshot, Breast-shot ( high and low breast) being the main ones. (Some are made to turn in the reverse dire

I can produce smaller units that can be easily used to solve your problems. There are homes that generate most of their home electrical needs using such systems. I have owned pickup trucks that used an extra generators to produce a 110v 60 cycles electrical outlet. One wheel can generate enough to power several quality water pumps 24/7 being totally independent of either sun or wind. Why try to reevent the wheel? Clean, green, and simplistic. This is what I am going to use around my farm to solve my needs and seriously reduce my electrical costs, on pumps, night lites, and security systems for my ponds, home, and farm.

Yes the idea is good but you need a good water head and lots of water, without heights this will not prdouce much. I was studying that to store energy. Here is the formula:


Power (watts) = head (height in meter) x flows (liter per second) x gravity (9.81 constant)


So if you have 1 liter per second (3600 liter per hour) from 10 meter height:


10 x 1 x 9.81 = 98 watts (minus ineffeciency, I woul say you get around 65watts.


So it is very good idea, but unless you have a stream nearby it difficult.

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