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Westernized bamboo hut.


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You really should try to get out more!




Larry in Dumaguete


you could be right about that

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snapback.pngRogerDat, on 26 January 2012 - 09:01 AM, said:


Also, I got a guardian who watches over me. Get to know him, and you will be suprised how quick the enemy disapears, then you can live where you want.



either i am going blind or that post doesnt even exist ! Is it from some other thread ? If you cross reference things it would be handy to link them.


Since you are a supermod i assume that you are not commenting on a deleted post - since you would be aware that it had been deleted



i seen it maybe glasses need cleaned
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I agree 100% about getting along (and making friends) with neighbors and not displaying treasure (or even anything that could be construed as treasure). Good neighbors are your first defense against the bad guys. As for high walls, that is just one part of security.. Motion sensors and outdoor lighting along with barking dogs and secure doors and windows are also important. As for security, take your cues from your neighbors. If they have high walls and security measures, then you probably should have them too.




Tell us more about this "guardian" of yours. What are you talking about? The local Don?


BTW, that's a cute little cabana. Have you had any problem with water seeping up under the walls when it rains along with windy conditions? I had a shed back in the US with similar construction (built on a concrete pad that extended past the walls), and water seepage was a real problem.


For information on my guardian, please see Holy Bible.

Some nighbors got no door on their house, dogs are esential both for security, and food scrap disposal. Lights are good.


I got a rubber sill seal inder the wall webbing. The tile floor inside is from 1 to 2 inches above slab, and has a drain channel around the peremitor inside hidden by the base board.When water is blown thru the amocan, it hits the foil insulation on the inner side of the web under the paneling. It eather runs back out the amocan, or goes into the drain channel. The floor is sloped to the front door for major leakage should it ever occur. The roof vent on north/south gables is screened and open to the prevaling wind. So heat build up is minimal.Trees, bamboo at east side, Monsinita tree at south side, more are growing for shade, just don't block the wind!

It is my rest house, or cabin, I got a camping stove I cook on there, and when I let a preacher and his family stay over during a conference at our church, I put a refrigerator in it. They fell in love with it. It is very peaceful there. It used to be a dump site, and open air CR when i first went there. We cleared over 25 bags broken glass, and how many diapers I could not count. It is still not suitable for vegtable farming as it was burned over for 25 years, and all the human waste. The ground is still contaminated with lead I am sure from batterys, electronics, and such that were salvaged there. We found a nose cone from a 30 MM round from Japan that had exploided sometime way back. A betty bomber, and deck guns were 30mm so don't know if it came from there, or was blown up at a later date.

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