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Cherry Pad Turbo failed to boot and they exchanged it....WOW!

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I've been hearing and seeing all the rage behind these tablet computers so I did some research a few weeks ago, anticipating a purchase of one at some point. Finally, just about six days ago I bought a Cherry Pad Turbo for 6899 pesos at a cellphone shop, Junrex, at Gaisano Mactan in Lapu Lapu.


I handed it off to my kids and told them to get going with it. So after about four days, I decide to see what it's all about while they are in school and the thing just dies after an hour. I think to myself, low battery cutoff, but no warning was displayed and that was a flag of trouble. No biggie, I plug it in and charge it and get back to using it. It was a no go all the way after I tried to power it on, so I just let it charge for a few hours. I come back to it and push the power button and it says, the battery is fully charged. I unplug it and turn it on and it goes through the boot sequence, but stops about 3/4 way through and just goes blank.


To make a long story short, I do the reset, charge some more, try to power on, etc and still nothing happens. At this point, I know I have a problem that I cannot fix on my own. Further research reveals that it could be a corrupted Android 2.3 file or a flash memory problem so I took it back to Junrex Cellphones, knowing that there is a fifteen day exchange warranty in effect. I get there and I give it to them, they check it out, conclude that it is defective and hold on.............they actually give me a new one. I'm just so amazed and surprised, as I was expecting the typical runaround I've encountered at other places.


They handled everything to my satisfaction and I thanked them for it. I'm so happy that I wasn't given the runaround and that they actually had one in the safe to give to me. I bought a defective Ebook reader from CDR King, Gaisano Mactan and they made me drive to the Park Mall to get it exchanged, major PITA of time and fuel.


So now, I'm wondering where I can get my hands on a copy of the Android 2.3 or later operating system?


Cherry Mobile's website is lacking in the support area and I can handle the flashing myself, I'm sure, if I just read up on it. I cannot begin to tell how many times I've reinstalled Windows and even Linux over the last twenty years. These tablets are bound to have gremlins in the operating system also. I just cannot believe that people will be making warranty trips to fix problems like this in the future.


These tablets are definitely the future of mobile computing, that became real clear, real fast.

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Mang Kanor

Try to check XDA-Developers see if you can find something there.


tho it usually for HTC phones but you might see other thing that interests you on modding and basically just anything about windows mobile 6.5 or lesser and of course Android OS

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Once a rich man was asked how he became rich. He said "I have never been rich enough to buy cheap things."

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Last saturday I bought a 999 ph cherry cellphone at one the stalls in gaisano mall tabunok, after a couple of days it started to turn itself off.

Yesterday I took it back there and they just gave me another one, I was surprised too, she even said she was sorry about that the phone did not work.

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