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Killed for not having a gate pass sticker in Lapu Lapu

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Let me understand this. A woman comes home after shopping? or picking up the kids or from work? to where her home is, to where she lives and another home owner who is a collector for the Home Owners Association, who clearly knows her and knows she has a home there tells the guards to not let her in her own subdivision into her own home because she doesnt have a sticker because of her own reasons which we dont know about. Well if someone wouldnt let me into my own place I too would have some choice words to say to the idiotic git that tried to stop me going to my home! As I think most of you would! The woman was going to her home and another home owner shot her dead because of malicious spite? I would be arrogant if someone tried to stop me entering my home. Good grief !


Art, the shooter was not a home owner he was rather HOA flunky charged with collecting HOA memberships and the parking fees. A very thankless job if any. He collected from us and kept quite an even keel ..even when we disputed charges that should be billed to the landlord. Goodness so glad the wife never argued with him.. Anyway we were quite surprised he would take such rash action.. I still think it was an accidental shooting as his probable intent in the heat of argument and being demeaned publicly was to scare her. But that is pure conjecture on my part. The woman was NOT being denied entrance to her residence in the purest sense has She could could have driven another 5 - 10 mins around to the main gate and entered as usual. Of course its such a shame and a very sad turn of events. Seeing your own mother being gunned down is going to haunt that man for the rest of his life. Condolences to the victims.

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despite that is was foolish of her and she obviously handled this wrong, it still does not justify her been shot to death. What is most concerning about your post is not so much what you say but the f

Steve, take some advice from someone who knows.   Regarding the first bold sentence above, it's not just armed guards, you have no idea who is armed here and who is not. Best to just bite your tongu

This case is also an example of how NOT to behave to people in the Philippines especially those that have access to firearms. Most of us would have just put the sticker in the car and said good mornin




I got this from Wikipedia:

An orphan (from the Greek ὀρφανός[1]) is a child permanently bereaved of or abandoned by his or her parents.[2][3] In common usage, only a child (or the young of an animal) who has lost both parents is called an orphan. However, adults can also be referred to as orphans, or "adult orphans".


And this is what I meant that Rose's son is now an orphan because she is dead and since there is no mentioning of his father I am assuming he is gone too.


Apparently this Filipina (Rose Ann La Paz) may well have been married to a 'Brit'!


My wife was talking to the Filipina wife (asawa) of a Welshman, that peronally knew this woman (had been to Gym workouts that she also attended) who got shot in Grand Pacific Villa Subdivision. She told my asawa Sha-Sha, that her husband was also a 'Brit' like theirs.


'Brits' don't usually have Surnames like La Plaz, so presumably that was her maiden name (or they were not actually married?).


Anyone knew the name of that 'Brit' - the Father of her son perhaps?

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