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I have had the following Crime happen to ME

Stranded Shipscook

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  1. 1. I have had the following Crime happen to ME

    • I was robbed with force ( Knife, Gun etc.)
    • I was pickpocket ( not loosing things, but proven pickpocket !)
    • I was burglarized, have Police report made.
    • I was burlarized, but i think, it was an inside job(maid,etc), so i didnt bother going the Police
    • I was robbed by a prostitute or under circumstances that were connected with Red lite dictrict
    • I was frauded by "business proposal" and other trick schemes.
    • I was frauded by a Trick Thieve. Lured into changign money,gambling etc.
    • Others, please state exact case as warning for others.
    • Nothing ever happend to me !

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Someone came over the wall and ripped screens, broke 6 windows. They were scared off before they could steal anything. I think it was more like vandalism. That was 18 months ago.

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I do not agree with that part. Certain tricykad drivers (in certain neighborhoods) and or habal habal drivers might be into some "gang" activities, but for the most part tricycle drivers are just midd

Yes, definitely, a multiple response of every lurker and troll.   i don't see anything discriminating and shameful in being a victim of a crime.

some people pay for that kind of action anyway

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Well 4 days ago I put a pot of water on the stove to boil. But there was no Shellane and I figured the bottle was empty. Went outside to check on the bottle to make sure and the darn thing must have got up and walked away on it's own.


Go figure that one out. :D

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Runamuck Chuck

Caught a guy robbing my Motor-cycle RED HANDED,in the act.I could have really hurt the thief and looking back I am sorry I didn't.A totally justified beating as the kid,who looked like a little girl,had broken the throttle handle in an effort to start the POS using the electric push-button starter.Cost me P1500 to fix at the dealer who said:"This was a contract robbery.".AND how he knew that still bothers me,HHHHMMMMMM....not provable but......

I knew I was a target before I got here.

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Ah the disappearing shellane tank.We kept a spare full tank on the porch for when we ran out of shellane-that tank disapeared.The same guy came back a few weeks later and robbed the garden hoses.This is when we lived in Guadalupe,Cebu.He also ripped out an old big cooking pot from the neighbors shed and the kanos hanging plants in front of there house.The neighbor with the big old pot was a lawyer.I needed some papers notarized by this lawyer.He asked me if I have seen the filippino with the limp-I said no.Then I caught on to who he was talking about.He said we got him-I asked where is he-dead.I looked at him intensely-you killed a petty thief and walked out.Days later we get home to find out someone is breaking the front door lock but gone.Later that night I hear someone trying to finish breaking in-as I opened the door and ran out- the asshole was jumping over the wall.

At a different house we lived in-broken into-many important items ripped off.When talking to the police chief-he asked if we were home when the robbery happened-I said no-he said it's your fault because you were not home.I could go on-But hey-welcome to the Pinas.

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Nothing has happened to me yet maybe because I'm always thinking about what could happen. I carry my wallet in my front pants pocket and I usually don't go anywhere at night. And, I don't travel alone. A friend of mine had his wallet stolen in a grocery store. He was wearing cargo pants with the pocket on the thigh. Wearing those make you a target for pickpockets, even if the pocket has velcro which makes noise when opened. One thief makes a loud noise while the other one opens your pocket. That's what happened to him. He will never see his money again which amounted to the equivalent of 3,000 Euros or 180,000 Pesos.

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When we were having our house built, one of the carpenters said he knew of a girl who was looking to be a maid and thought that our house and family would be good for her. To make a long story short, my wife ended up giving him 600 pesos to "get her here" over a three day weekend ; it was all a scam. We never saw the carpenter again after that. It should be noted that the main guy we hired to build our house had a crew of carpenters doing various things on the house six days a week for about three months. My wife got to know them all, me not so much, as they didn't speak English all that well. She would not have been conned if it wasn't a good story and there are times when you just take a chance with people.


I consider it a good lesson learned right from the start and I'm quick to point it out to others who want an advance for something.

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