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Do you feel safe when traveling on Philippine airline carriers?


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  1. 1. Do you feel safe when traveling on Philippine airline carriers?

    • Yes, perfectly safe.
    • Yes, but I do wonder about the strange noises coming from the aircraft sometimes.
    • Yes, but I always seem to be thinking about aircraft maintenance.
    • No, I need Xanax to get my heart out of my throat.
    • No, I kiss the ground when I get off the plane.
    • No, I refuse to fly on them and would rather take my chances on a ferry.

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I can 100% confirm that on the A380, upstairs at least, is the quietest aircraft I have ever flown on. You could sleep through take off and landing very easily. A major difference to any other commercial aircraft currently in operation.

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so would you feel perfectly safe if you found an airline that flew at normal speed say 9 feet off the ground?

i feel safer on the planes than on the roads taking me to the airport.   that doesn't necessarily mean my answer is "yes".

I feel much better if I take a boat anywhere, rather than a plane. In most cases, it ends up costing more to go by boat, because I travel first class when I do. But, the travel is usually over night a

I think it is airplanes not airlines…


I hear comments re “noise” all the time from the Airbus flight crew and passengers alike… It seems either Airbus engineers don’t care or they don’t have expert acoustic engineers at their finishing (interior) facility…


Just compare Boeings and Airbuses noise and you will “hear” the difference…


Hmmmm, if you come to think of it, all those “noisy” rock groups come from England… :wink:


The fitting-out of the interior of the plane is carried-out to the customer's specifications and that includes the amount of noise insulation fitted. But as that's dead weight, many airlines skimp on it but not Singapore Airlines apparently - my daughter's room-mate flew back to the UK after the Christmas break in an A380 which she said was very quiet indeed. And I can tell you from personal experience that KLM issues noise-cancelling headsets on its B777 flights!


Whilst many "noisy" rock groups are indeed British, Airbus fuselages aren't made there so you can't blame us - blame the Spanish who make them and the French who fit the interiors! However all Airbus wings are made in north Wales.

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Bill H

Just got back from a 4 day trip to Manila. I've been riding Zest lately after getting miffed at CP for screwing me when I had to change a flight date. Anyway, we were 4+ hours late getting into Manila and 3+hours late getting into Cebu! They claim it was ATC in Manila problem. I don't know, but as we sat on the tamarack, it did seem to me they were spacing the outgoing flights very far apart. I'm a pilot, and I did some aerobatic flying with some airlines pilots once. They barely knew how to fly any more, since the cockpits have become so automated. After that experience, I'm never comfortable on any airline, but like Paul, I take the ferry whenever I can. He's spot on, you arrive slower, but you get a good nights sleep, the food could be worse and the slow pace makes one more relaxed. Then again, boat sink, so are we really safe anywhere? LOL





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I was told once by a PAL employee the best pilots (or the most experienced ones) fly the big BOEING aircraft on the domestic routes

Since hearing that I feel a bit safer getting on that mid afternoon flight from Manila to Cebu on the big bird

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It's the ground transportation at the ends of the flight that scares me.

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I like PAL's security. They cancelled two flights I paid for last minute.

Got recredited in 2 months. I don't like using them when they're reorganizing.

Probably forever.

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Given the choice I think I'd rather take a relaxing boat ride. I particularly like the SuperCat from Cebu to Tagbilaran, only 2 hours.


When you consider you have to check in at least 45 minutes before departure, they're nearly always late and you have to wait for your bag at he other end, its almost the same duration.

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