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Stranded Shipscook

In Case of Emergency - Who you gonna Call ? ( No, not Ghostbusters )

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Stranded Shipscook





Dial 161 from any landline within Cebu City

Communications and Operations Center






Cebu Medical Society Gov. Cuenco Avenue Banilad

Cebu City

Hotline No.: 161

Tel No. +63.32.416-2664 | +63.32.233-9300

Fax No. +63.32.232-7850





Lapulapu City Hall Grounds Pusok Lapulapu City

Tel No. +63.32.340-2994





Cebu City Sports ComplexOsmeña Blvd. Cebu City

Tel. Fax. No. +63.32.255-7287





Sison and Associates2/F Solidbank BuildingGen. Maxilom cor. F. Ramos St. Cebu City

Tel. No. +63.32.253-8982

Fax No. +63.32.253-2372





Cortes General HospitalRizal St., Centro Mandaue City, Cebu

Tel. No. +63.32.345-1486





Chong Hua Hospital, Cebu City

Tel. No. +63.32.254-1461 - 69





Perpetual Succor Hospital Lahug, Cebu City

Tel. No. +63.32.232-2410 - 19




The Emergency Rescue Unit Foundation (Phils.) Inc. or ERUF is a corporation registered with the Securities and Exchange Commision on April 22, 1988. Prior to its formal incorporation, the group organized and became operational as early as July 1986.

The core group who formed ERUF and most of whom until now serve with the Foundation is composed of the members of the emergency rescue arm of the Mandaue City Fire Department. This rescue arm was later named and known as the Mandaue Emergency Rescue Unit or MERU. MERU was the brainchild of then Mayor of Mandaue City, Hon. Demetrio M. Cortes, and was envisioned by him to provide emergency medical and rescue services to the residents of Mandaue City and others who would need the skills and expertise of this highly trained and dedicated group.

In 1986, following the EDSA Revolution and the change of administration, most of the members of MERU were replaced with new personnel. The displaced paramedics together with the group of civic-oriented citizens felt that there was a need to continue providing efficient and effective rescue and emergency medical services to the resident of Metro Cebu – something that was no longer addressed by the personnel of the government-run rescue groups. Thus the birth of ERUF.

ERUF started with less than 60 members including the 13 displaced paramedics. There was very little cash available. Equipment and vehicles used were either donations or were restored from salvaged junk/scrap materials. Work done by the paramedics during the early months was purely on a voluntary basis with nobody receiving monetary compensation.

Today, ERUF boast of Modern equipment and vehicles ranging from, among others, fully equipped trauma vans, extrication equipment, fire trucks, a variety of communication equipment, search and rescue apparatus and over 10 ambulances based in different strategic locations in Metro Cebu. ERUF also has formal arrangements with the Cities of Cebu and Lapulapu to provide free emergency medical services to its resident in exchange for subsidy. Likewise, several private hospitals have contracted ERUF to provide for its ambulance service.

The efficient, effective and compassionate services provide by the members of ERUF have been recognized by numerous national and international agencies. But more than the prospects of getting awards and recognition. ERUF members find satisfaction in pursuing its vision of working for a safer community through a service oriented paramedics institution.

Key Services of ERUF


  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Responding to Alarm & Emergency Calls
  • Medical Backup
  • Safety Promotion and Disaster
    Preparedness Seminars
  • Barangay Disaster Brigades
  • Paramedics & Volunteers Continuing Education

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Stranded Shipscook

Furthermore, and when low on funds one can consider to be broguht to a Goverment Hospital instead of a Private owned and costly Hospital.


Those are the District Hospitals in the Province ( Very different and very rudimentary, but "ok"(?!) for treatment of minor injuries such as a bike crash without fractures or severe injuries. More like first aid stations )


In Cebu City there are two Hospitals which are government owed :








Picture of Cebu City Medical Center located in North Bacalso Avenue, Cebu City

  • Cebu City Medical Center is a government owned hospital in Cebu City mandated to provide holistic, quality health services to the city's residents. It prides itself with its pool of competent, committed and compassionate personnel working in a client centered, cost effective perspective. Various medical and paramedical training programs are conducted to the staff to achieve the vision to be a world class hospital in the coming years.
  • Services Offered:
    • Medical/Dental Services
    • Ancillary Services
    • Nursing Services
    • Administrative Service with satellite Emergency Hospitals in Barangays Guba and Bonbon.

    [*]Address: North Bacalso Avenue, Cebu City

    [*]Contact/Telephone Number: (6332) 255-7141-47, local 105 / 2557274



Read more: http://www.affordablecebu.com/load/directory/top_9_hospitals_in_cebu_philippines/26-1-0-414#ixzz1f9KeLpVK










  • VICENTE SOTTO MEMORIAL MEDICAL CENTER ( VSMMC) is a general, tertiary medical center teaching/training medical facility owned by the Government of the Philippines. It aims to provide health care services that are available, affordable, accessible and acceptable to all regardless of social status.
    Its operation started as early as 1911 known as hospital Del Sur and was formally established on April 11,1913. It was through republic Act 2725 that granted its status on January 2, 1913 the name was then changed to Southern Hospital with only 30 beds at its inception, it then became 350 beds when it was upgraded to medical center in 1984.
    This institution has continued to grow, develop and improve its services responsive to the changing need of the community. After 84 years of operation, R.A. 7528 was approved on May 21,1992, legalizing the change of its name to Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center. Shortly after this, another law was approved increasing the bed capacity to 400 (R.A. 7588 date June 1,1992)
    It’s been a dream of this institution to expand and improve its services offered to conform to the standard of these days and to cope with the increasing number of the people sought for care. This dream is not far from reality when the copy of R.A. 8658 was received authorizing the operation of 800 beds on June 22,1998.
  • Services Offered:
    • Emergency Room Services
    • Out-Patient Services
    • Clinical Specialty Services
    • In-patient Services-Pay, Medicare (PHIC) and Service Wards
    • Operating Room Services
    • Organ Transplant Unit
    • Critical Care Unit Services
    • Cardiac Catheterization
    • Hemodialysis Unit
    • Peritoneal Dialysis Unit
    • Laboratory and Diagnostic Services
    • Veterans In-patient & Out-patient Clinical Services
    • Women and Children Protection Unit Services
    • Reproductive Tract Infection Clinic
    • Lying-In Birthing Center
    • Blood Transfusion Services
    • Center for Traditional & Alternative Medicine
    • Dietary Counseling Services
    • Psychological & Counseling Services

    [*]Address: B. Rodriguez Street, Cebu City

    [*]Contact/Telephone Number: (032) 253-9891 to 99

    [*]Hotline/Cell Number: 0923-6599667



Read more: http://www.affordablecebu.com/load/directory/top_9_hospitals_in_cebu_philippines/26-1-0-414#ixzz1f9Klacbl


Now one can "debate" quality or services/prices, but at least one has a choice.

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Stranded Shipscook

Just in Case, someone is interested in this ERUF, here are more info's. Its really not bad at all and they constantly upgrade with the help of the DUTCH, especially the Partner City Harlemermeer, which donates most Rescue Vehicles and a lot of equipment.


Since a few years they also work on an own TRAUMA Center, which then will first treat all Patients for Free as first response. To avoid all problems with check in and all that.



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Stranded Shipscook

And for those, which want to do more :



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Thanks Guenther

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