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Another "Hey Joe!" Incident...

Alfred E. Neuman

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if i knew the guy i'd call him joe for the rest of his life




surely in Bible Baptist missionary school they teach the part about turn the other cheek? no?


so that would mean he offered his other leg for target practice?


well anywhere, getting off, stepping out by the road and argue with strangers is a very good way to get damaged

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That is "fighting talk" sadly a divided community still.   JOKE follows but a sad? joke,   A Muslim sat down on a bus seat , in N. Ireland, beside a local. The local said "are you visiting Bel

Better than being called 'Francis' IMHO.

I checked my pride and honor, to a very large degree at the airport when I got here. Being calm and collect goes a long way here. I know I'm an automatic target just because of the way I look. One

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Special comments from an expert commentator... well I wouldn't have gone that far.


Ya disappoint me Jessica --- I thought ? you went ALL the way.!


Colour commentator = adds "colour" to the facts as reported.



"The victim, a shit vender, was run over by a motorcycle. He was pronounced DOA at Uni hospital.! ----- Now the weather...."


Color? commentator fills in with = Melbourne registered Harley Davidson motorcycle - 2006 model with custom paint job ridden by a Saintly retired academic accidentally killed the fcking English scum Weasel and onlookers rushed to the assistance of this heroic Melbournian JESSICA... who Police described as sane and sound if a little keen on ridding the streets of vermin.


Will that do? Jessica.???



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PPLLLlleazzz Jessica, WTF




Pay attention ya Melbournian fuker.!




Eagle Tom


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