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How to make bake ware non stick


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Greetings! I love the crunchy crust of cornbread best of all, so I thought it would be nice if I had some of the miniature iron skillets (5 inch I think) so I would make several at one time. They are antic I believe now so not likely to find any in PI.

BUT I remembered some baking items in an upper cabinet. I looked and found a Bunt muffin pan, aluminum covered with Teflon. Great I thought, but then considered how even Teflon sticks some times and looking at all the fancy swirls in it, wondered how old it was and how was I going to clean it if the muffins stuck. I went online to Bunt, and they showed the pan, $30 so it is not too old, then I saw prep and use. It said to brush shortening on the inside, and give it a light coating of flour.

I decided to try it. I used a rubber BBQ brush I got in SM house ware department, gave it an even coat, powered it, poured in my corn bread mix, and baked it.

WOW! Not a Single place stuck, they just fell out like on the cooking shows!!!!!!!!!!

It works on all metal pans(so far) iron, aluminum, and Teflon we tried so far, same thing, it is better than Teflon!post-7667-0-18854700-1320045553_thumb.jpg

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the above method works well, i use it for most cakes.

it is best to let the cake/cornbread whatever cool for a few minutes and then flip the pan to remove it. if you wait too long the cake tends to stick a bit, if so you can put the cake pan in a large frying pan with a bit of water in in and boil the water. that should loosen the cake up.


some corn bread in a tall glass of cold milk sounds mighty fine right now.

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