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American (phil-am) in Cebu!

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Hey there!


I sold all my things in the United States and I'm traveling now. Philippines is my first stop. I've spent one month on Luzon getting to know my family that I have only met once before when I was very young (only spent 2 weeks here). Spent about 1 month in Palawan on vacation.


Now I'm in Cebu! I plan to stay here for at least a month, maybe more. I'm looking for a short-term rental where I can be for most of the time. I plan to travel within Visayas while I'm here as well.


I like to do outdoorsy stuff. Loved being in Palawan and going snorkeling and island hopping. Would love to find some good hiking around the Cebu area. Nature tripping is my thing. Would love to meet locals and expats. Also really want to find a place to train Kali/Eskrima/Arnis (Filipino martial arts). I trained awhile in the US and would like to continue training.

Would appreciate any advice!

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