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Thieves prey on 2 foreigners; British shot

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gunther, yesterday I was in a store buying some smokes, A guy walked up behind me as I was leaving and asked if he could bum a smoke, well what was I to say, I had 2 catrons in my hands. so I say sure let my put my stuff in the van.


As I start in the van . he closes the gap between us approching from my rear/side. now I already had a single smoke in my left hand. And I half turned to give it to him. he took it and he backed off.


where do ya thank my right hand was gunther????

Let me think................................................................. :D


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I have a better idea. Just don't hang out in bars at 4:30 AM with you laptop. If you are stupid enough to dangle temptations in front of thieves, you WILL get robbed. Present a low profile and do NOT

Hell Robert...you're leaving as fast as you can anyway. If you had buyers for your properties, you would be on the next plane out. I hope you don't ever get mugged in Phoenix and try to fight back. Th

We Brits (most of us) dont react well to guns. It is not unusual to see newspaper reports of Brits in the US, (usually holidaying in Florida) getting shot because someone threatened them with a gun,

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shoulder holster , I would have never even took it out,

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Since nobody actually wants to talk about the topic, this thread is closed. Alan already warned you once.

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