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NZ woman lured to Philippines, forced to sex slavery

Wombat No More

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Back to the topic.. She is strong enough to fight(martial arts enthusiast) at least 3 abductors. She can shout if threatened. There's not enough client in Iloilo that will sustain a 5,000 per session 5-9 times a day.




so you figure if a women has two arms and two legs and is under 100 years old then its not possible to rape her ?? maybe you give to much credit to martial arts i heard often even the most highley trained can be taken out with a knife or gun.. well i guess that is not true if you believe steven segal and van dam can split a bullet with a sword.. as to the amount well horney men are know to spend even more then 100 dollars on sex..

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Are they dropping 4000 a night for 40 year olds, or fresh young chicks?       You're right, standing out can be an advantage. There are limits though. Unless she's a celebrity of some sort, no on

I find it amusing how there are always so many doubters on this forum and sure there are some good reasons to be wary but I think people are like animals, they all follow what the pack are doing and e

5000 pesos a time for a 39 year old woman ? And 9 guys a day willing to pay that ? And flew to the Phil to learn martial arts based on a facebook invite ? And travelled within the country and could

Someone please get smokey some valium ! [ either that or a laxative !! ]



hey here is a plan maybe you and 9 of your closest friends can get together and chip in and come up with the 5,000 peso ... or better yet you can pawn your computer its just sitting there taking up space .....

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