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Prepaid Visa or Mastercard in Phil


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Interesting. This thread got 3 pages with mostly useless posts regarding the OP's question. There is one post that addresses what the OP is after, the Unionbank debit card option, which I have checked as I need the same thing. Thanks Guenther for be on spot.

Not easy to get debit card in the Phils - simply because banks do not offer it. They all have credit cards only, with a ton of requirement and hassle.

Unionbank seems pretty straightforward, 2 photo ID-s and open an account. For USD account you have to deposit 500 bucks. Once you have an account with them, you can get debit card and EON card for online purchases. Next week I will go and shift most of my money from BPI to Unionbank.

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This is a cash country. You probally can find something like a Smart Money Credit card or Globe has similar. Yet where to use it? Yes they are catching up and more and more places take it. Yet cash

Unionbank mate. Eon cyber card, easy to get, takes 5 working days. You can fill in online aplication form, and just pick it up. 350 peso cost. 2 x id.

And he said he doesn't want to pay foreign transaction fees so a western debit card wouldn't help.


Not sure if this is any help, but we bank at Bank of Commerce, and they will issue you a credit card if you deposit !00000pesos for the acard account.


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