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WARNING ON THIS SCAMMER/CONMAN... should have put this in b4 now

Wombat No More

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Wombat No More


This is a pic, taken when I believed he had illegally opened the store against a closure order, of the scumbag Jordanian as he left "his store" (the one I built and stocked) boundary and walked towards me in the incident about 28 months ago where he tried, and almost succeeded, in killing me. The 2nd pic is during the assault and just before I got a huge shove from him, way into the road where a car swerved hard and just scraped past the back of me. It certainly would have probably killed me but at the least given me probably over a million pesos of injuries, considering my two steel prosthetic knees would have been broken and needing replacing, plus other injuries. I did not fight back at all or defend myself as I thought he was just being stupid and thought he couldn't hurt me at all, until the last huge shove to kill me by car. It's still in the criminal trial stage but apparent observed bribery may have been why the charge was downgraded from Attempted Homicide to 'Other Less Serious injuries'. All this is a consequence of him trying to stop me getting my money back that he conned from me, which should see his families house and 600 sq mt. of land, the store and small warehouse attached, given over to my wife or, more likely, auctioned off to at least partially pay the money back.


This guy, after I helped him, financially (so they could eat), and his destitute family with 2 kids and a mum in law, wanted to repay my kindness and help, by using his past experience and expertise in basket production and the export of same and many other things. All I had to do was finance the start up, a building (the store/warehouse above) and he would use all his contacts etc and knowledge and we would be 50/50 partners, with him repaying in full, the cost of building (coz it was on his land) and half the cost of startup and goods and shipping... I thought about it a good while and as he was (I thought) my very good friend, I put my own plans aside and went ahead, spending around 2.4million pesos, of which I got back only a little on P300,000 worth of the P700,000 of handicrafts stored in the warehouse ready for shipping. (by the time the court dealt with the initial complaint and sent the Sheriff around to recover the goods, P300k was all that was left) He ran off to Jordan within 12 days of kicking me out of the business and didn't return for over 2 years and after the estafa charges had been dismissed (???) by the prosecutor. I know now I was shafted on that one too. He threatened to kill me and all my family, in front of witnesses and the judge let him off that coz I was 30% deaf and had trouble hearing (even though he screamed it from 4 feet away) and thought it was possible I misheard and he actually did say as claimed, "I will bill you". (what about the witness?)


This bastard is a predator, a real smooth talker, highly intelligent and very articulate in many languages. His method is to befriend, gain your confidence over time, commit you to a financial deal and throw you out on your ear and keep the lot. At least that's what he did to me and I have several contacts and names of other people who have been ripped by this guy and absolutely hate him for what they say he cheated them out of. One Chinese guy even said this fella passed himself off as a Sultan or somesuch, from the Middle East and got a lot of free samples due to a future relationship that was going to come into being. The guy never saw him again.


He now runs "his" store in Mactan island. Ya can't miss it, it has the design I advised him to put to attract eyes, colourful blobs all over the walls with his stock prices etc in them, and a Coca Cola fridge out front on the verandah.


His first name is MOHAMMAD (what an insult to the Muslems original Mohammad) and often calls himself Moham. He's around 5'11" tall, about 300lbs (at least) wears glasses

and is as ugly as a hatful of arseholes (see pics above). Be careful of this predator as he is a real slick talker and violent to boot and from my own personal experience, has murderous capabilities as well. His character will most probably strike again and multiple times and he will seek out his victim like he did me. He likes coffee shops and especially the "VENETIAN" in SM opposite the cinema's, top floor. He'll be in the smoking room behind the glass if he's active.


The 2.1mill I initially lost is added to by other monies unrelated to the business and the considerable legal fees and other. It's much closer to P3mill.

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Wombat No More

The following is a bit long and drawn out and I apologise for that but I'm not shy about telling of my poor judgement, if only it helps someone else to not do what I did, and don't get too soft and give charity too easily.


I was a good soldier in the past and bettered all in training of all types and as most soldiers are, ready to kill the enemy... Not only that, but very extensive unarmed combat training over about 10,000+ physical hours, with a highly tuned 'killer instinct, gives me a big advantage in the area your talking of... I can only say that this guy is extremely lucky I am not a killer and while I'm ready to snap into action anytime it's 'really' needed, I'm pretty much completely non violent. He's not the first I've allowed to push and shove and throw blows at me, all without retaliating at all, just shift the body weight, roll with the pushes, block the blows... All this coz I know they can't actually hurt me with their bullshit and for me to hurt them has no interest to me as it is just too simple to do, so I just wait till they give up the bullshit, and they always have.


The Arab even exposed his throat completely many times over and I resisted the temptation to end it right away. But I didn't count on the huge shove in front of the car just coming to my location feet away... This badly ripped the entire left calf from just under the knee to my ankle and I couldn't bear weight and hopped on one leg with the toe of that injured leg keeping me from falling. This is when his hero son came quickly and started throwing a lot punches. I just tangled his hands up by presenting my hands and arms loosely in front and as usual, nothing gets through. I hopped back to my Bike quickly and they ran after me with real hatred in their faces and it was obvious they were going to try and finish the job. I picked up about a 4kg rock by my bike and as the Arab arrived I yelled twice, "do you want me to use this... do you want me to use this". He was within 18 inches with his head and he knew he was fecked if I swung this boulder, over a foot long. The hero's face showed real fear and he and his son behind, backed of and resorted to yelling as I boarded my bike and drove off to the cop shop. You might say that the latter was the time to actually strike out, but, I could barely stand and to win I would have had to risk Jail and false witness and kill them, which is not what I wished.


This guy is the one I talk about (coz there are zero other possible suspects) in other past posts, who is obviously sending the several 2 man and 1 man hit teams to my house the last 2 years, with attempts to con my sis in laws/wife/maid into letting them in to see the foreigner. There have been a couple or more of very suspicious characters hanging around my place a few times since the last actual attempt to get me outside in December last. That was the subject of a previous post about the two McDonald's delivery guys, in uniform, trying to get in with a delivery for the foreigner. When that didn't work, they asked for my wife by name and she doesn't have a Filipino name. I couldn't do anything without exposing myself to any armed watchers, thru the crack in the side of my steel gate. I had locked my 9mm in a safe in a room across the courtyard behind that gate, before I went to Oz and hadn't retrieved it yet... and all the kids, staff and rellies were in that small courtyard. To come out of my lounge room to get the gun might cause them to open fire and hitting innocents (including me in the innocents). My maid was upstairs and looked down on the two, saw their Macca's uniform shirts clearly from only about 6/7 metres and one guy was pressed flat against the wall to one side of the gate, and the one talking was across the 4 metre lane against that wall. This was the last real attempt of several others prior to this, to get me outside or to gain entry. ..... The Macca's manager, the nextday, checked the books and called the nightshift manager and confirmed there were no deliveries to my area the night before and that they had never heard of my name before for deliveries.... But, a few weeks before this, the Arab was in Macca's eating when I came in... he left immediately but maybe this is where he got the idea of delivery hit man team.


And this guy has only me to thank for getting he and his family out of abject poverty, building a large store and warehouse, stocking it and giving them a very good livilihood. Previously, they were known to be having sales of over P20,000 per day, of which I never got my 25% share of profits (payable until they paid the loan back in full from their share). Besides this, I paid for his small son to start grade one and his older son to get into Indianna Uni to begin his 4 year degree in aircraft instruments... Yes, the same son who tried to punch my head in. He's the young fella in the background of the first photo, about 220lb and 6'1 or 2".


I didn't know about his past history with ripping others off and only after did I track down and meet some of them and hear their sad stories of this thieving and murderous Arab.


Before the bust up, I was supposed to travel to Jordan with him on the first shipment of goods and a Filipino friend of his, who the Arab had upset and put offside, told me after the event that:- 1. The Arab was going to get rid of me and there would be no Phil in the business. 2. When I travelled to the Middle East with him (after paying his ticket) he was going to take me to an insurgent area and I would not be coming back. (an ex Aussie serviceman... a bonus for the bastards). 3. If I tried to take legal action against him, he would kill me, my wife and my 2 kids (3 now) (as they were all also on the Memorandum of Agreement as taking over my share of the business if I died.) 4. Don't tell Phil I'm throwing him out of the business because I also have to get him to pay my new passport (P5k) and my Immigration problem (P100,000 as a 5 year illegal alien)... (promptly paid)


The problem for this guy was that I think he has some sort of mental syndrome such as Bi Polar or more likely Attention Deficit Hypertensive Disorder. I have dealt with these people often before and know how to handle them and be their friends (and they are grateful to find me still there when all other friends have run away). This sees his character, I believe, as an overbearing and rough talking individual who is highly intelligent. He takes no shit from anyone and shouts at people if he's upset. His wife, has been known to hid in the bushes outside and away from him on occassion and eyewitness accounts of him bashing his 7 year old son, once by slapping him so hard over the face that the boy left the ground and crashed into a stack of full rice bags about 4-6 feet away and the other time witnessed was using a long lump of wood to hit the boy on top of the head very hard and an instant bubble of blood sprung up on the spot under the skin, growing to be egg size. I didn't know about any of the latter either.


So, you be the judge, is this guy a peice of work or what??? And I, the dickhead good Samaritan, am not only suffering a loss of my funds (which came coz I sold my house in Australia for this) but constant threats to my life... but at least we believe its only me in danger now and not any other. I wear a bullet proof vest on court days and other days when I have an uneasy feeling about the day out. I sometimes wear a chainmail vest against knives, also when I get uneasy about the day out. I'm the good guy (yes, I know, and an absolute dickhead) and I'm still being hunted for the kill. All court cases should be over soon and everything resolved, sorta. Anyway, he picked on the wrong person in me in that he could never control me and was never in charge, I wouldn't allow that. This really annoyed him, I saw, but he bit his tongue and accepted that he couldn't control me as he controls everyone in his life. He also has found out that I simply do not threaten and have taken him to task on everything. It must be approaching 10 court case charges I've brought against this bastard.


Sorry to bore you with the long novel here, but I do want people to watch out for this guy in a social atmosphere coz he will prey on you, make you a friend, invite you to his house and family, help you in all sorts of things, very nice guy etc etc and one gets sucked in, he gets you to give money and springs the trap. He will then threaten with violence and death to stop you complaining. A German guy I know, well off with money, told me he went to a store to buy a load card and there was an Arab guy there who came out and talked to him... His concensus and exact words, "He was a very, very nice guy". One meet and the Arab had hooked this fella too. The German was totally shocked when I said this was the guy I told you about that stole my money and sends hit teams against me.

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Wombat No More

I don't advocate violence and do everything I can to avoid responding with same presented to me. But in saying that, I have never ever backed down to a violent confrontation or attack and even when in primary and later, high school, when I was a frequent victim of bullies, I never gave in at all even, more than once, in the middle of being pinned to the ground and having my face punched in... I'd just spit blood and saliva in their faces. More than once, spectators pulled the bully/s off and took me to get cleaned up and I was the one they respected, surprisingly.


I've mentioned this as an insight into my character and to strengthen my view that no matter who you are or where you are or what time of the day it is, you will almost certainly be confronted with a violent situation/s in your lifetime.


Some of us are completely non violent while others have varying levels of response to situations and vastly different levels of skills to deal with such situations. (and owning a gun and saying you're ready to use it and will, does not suddenly give one the skills to do so... a long long way from that point in fact)


I'll take an attack on, initially just defending by absorbing/redirecting some blows and talking telling them to not be stupid etc. Most times this works and they give up the assault when they find they cannot get through or perhaps a 6th sense makes them aware of the danger they could be in. At times in my life, I have needed to respond on the next level and respond with a locking technique to subdue them, often incorporating a strangle (it's ok, I'm am quite expert at that) and rarely have had to go to the next level which is a debilitating strike and, if necessary, followed by a throw/bone break/another strike. The final level is to kill the attacker, wether by physical means or by means of a weapon...


We here are talking about "deadly force" and this is always meant to be a last resort but a given situation you may be confronted with, may require it to be the first and only resort.


As for the Arab bastard and his son AND his wife, they are safe from me as I will not entertain such things as going after them wether in a deadly or lesser method. Having said that, and, as I have/had cases of Attempted homicide, Grave Threats and affidavits from other people on the threats and physical injury on this guy and his son, a future confrontation/meeting by chance, whereby he approaches me for instance, may impell me, if he even lifts a hand toward me or moves too close, to apply a serious strike that may kill or seriously injure him. Not only because of the threat of his attempting to seriously harm or kill me again but also due to the levels of serious injury I have carried for years and the probability of more permanent and debilitating injuries if I allow him to strike first. It may be, that this latter thinking is why, when I have come across him maybe three times in the last years, that he instantly leaves the area (fecking hero). He is only looking at 6 months jail for the last criminal case against him, now in progress, but this may be sufficient to arrange for his deportation and that would hurt him more than anything to find himself destitute in Jordan and with no chance of any reasonable employment having a criminal conviction as well. He told me himself years ago, that a criminal conviction in the Middle East, makes it unlikely one would ever gain employment because criminals are really discriminated against. I realise that this guy and his family must be incredibly worried and they have also probably been stressed by the thought I might send people after them as they have done to me... Just look at the barb wire fence in the photo and this is across the front of their/my general merchandise store to this day.


So, I'm just sitting here waiting out the legal processes, no thoughts of any retribution, and just outwitting any unwanted "visitors" to my place. And rather than wanting revenge etc and feeling vengeful, I have only ever felt great disappointment and betrayal. It has greatly effected my family's life with stress from it all and the knowledge that we should have had our cafe open maybe 5 years ago.


And to those who are going to {we call them Gunna's (going to do this, going to do that)} send people after the perps or ones threatening you, blow em apart for farting in your prescence etc etc, ok, this is a country where one can achieve that, but, why don't you be just a bit 'cool', like me, and settle down into a calmer and more observant lifestyle without the dangerous thoughts. Forget about revenge and all it entails as it may be soul destroying and/or lead to your demise or incarceration. I know the legal system here is very corrupt and it seems that idea is alive and well in the cases I brought against this Arab, with most criminal cases dismissed. But they haven't managed to bribe all and the civil case for my missing cash plus interest (be about up over P4mill now), is very strong and can't be a negative decision with the compelling evidence and the mistaken written admissions of the defendants. The last criminal case has very compelling evidence with photo's and for the life of me, it couldn't surely be a "not guilty". Seven estafa cases were dismissed, but we know from witnesses that their lawyer and a rep and the defendants (includes wife) were very frequent visitors to the Palace of Justice Regional Prosecutors office and the last criminal case saw a rep of their lawyer visit the head prosecutor at length and then come looking for my lawyer who they didn't know had retired and was still the prosecutor assigned the case. After just being (secretly) told by the actual prosecutor re-assigned to the case that the case had been given his recommendation to be upgraded to Attempted Homicide coz of the compelling evidence indicating this, I got a special delivery, within a few days of the above said visit, from the boss Prosecutor, saying that attempted homicide was dismissed and the previously approved "Other Light Injuries" was looking to be dismissed also... So corruption was well and truly alive in this case, as in the previous ones. An appeal to the higher, State prosecution office on the next floor, saw the "Other Light Injuries" charge (which was in danger of being dismissed) go to " Other Less Serious Injuries" a charge with a several months more jail time on conviction. So instead of vengeful acts from me, which I don't feel comfortable with anyway, I await a conviction, that looks very likely, and the decision in front of the Judge (12 months now ?), that will see much of my money returned, them kicked out of their house and land and them having a large debt remaining to be paid, with the monthly 1% court allowed interest every month. On top of this is the jail time that must be applied with the criminal conviction, only up to 6 months, and the possibility that he can be deported. I think being punished for some of his crimes will really feck him and his wife and his son nicely thank you.


And, thank you.



post-6386-0-03024500-1316340845_thumb.jpg post-6386-0-22499300-1316340781_thumb.jpg


The location... San Miguel, Cordova


His wife's Uncle... The Mayor of a Municipality


His original (former) lawyer, the former Dean of a Law university here, now the above Mayor.


A past (retired) head of a national Govt (large) Department, asked me who the Arabs lawyer was and when I told him he was surprised and said, quote, "A very, very, corrupt man".

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