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Greetins from Ben


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Hi _ i'm Ben from the UK (Oxfordshire).


I guess you've heard this story a lot - early 40's , painful divorce a couple of years ago , finding myself back in the dating game but left pretty disillusioned with western women and looking for something of a new start (mid-life crisis - maybe - although i don't like to think i'm middle aged - I keep pushing back that age limit definition - now standing at 50 and counting!)


I know a couple of friends who have filipino wives back in the UK & chatting to them they reckon I should get myself pronto down to the Phils. Their wives are gorgeous both in looks & personality & quite a bit younger than them. They suggested Cebu as as good a place to start as anywhere.


I've got a decent business / own house etc but am a bit wary of living outside of Blighty - never been away any more than a couple of weeks in Spain.


So I'll be flying down sometime in January for 3 weeks but in the meantime just checking in to say hi.

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Hi Ben,


Welcome to the forum !!


You should spend many hours searching through the threads to try to educate yourself, but also take the comments with a pinch of salt(some people just like complaining).


And make sure you meet up with some foreigners in Cebu(who actually live there, not on holiday), they can teach you a lot !!


And please remember, you havent travelled at all, so things are different in different places(to sum up a encyclopedia size of discussion)

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Welcome to the forum Ben :welcome:

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