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Well - the doctor a the travel clinic said I shouldn't worry too much unless i planned to be in the jungle and certain areas for long periods of time. Which I won't be during this 3 week trip - so I did not get it, and I did not get it either last time during my 3 month trip so... Im no doctor, but in my unprofessional opinion - I wouldn't worry much - but take that for what is - an amateur travellers opinion. Hope you enjoy your trip - I leave Friday phewwww can't wait.


Enjoy your trip! I will be on my way in 45 days. I can't wait! I am still a little concerned about J/E as I will be in Thailand after Phils. With all the flooding over there in Thailand lately I am sure them skeeters will be breeding like ummmm rabbits! I wonder if the J/E vaccine would be significantly cheaper to purchase in Cebu rather than here in Canada?

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I can't say for sure on that one friend - but if you're worried - just get it and have piece of mind.... it's only money vs. life in the end i suppose.

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