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Gender Words Translator of Foreigners in the Philippines

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Stranded Shipscook


I'm glad at least one person appreciates the effort it took to make the list. I didn't use the on line translator to make the list because it can be confusing and not necessarily the correct word being used today. Manilyn can read, write, and speak all of the languages well so she wrote them on paper and then I typed it. We had to edit it several times to remove all of the spelling errors and to add more words. It took about to hours to complete.


Giving an object such as a table a gender name doesn't make any sense to me. OK so a table is a male. Does it have a penis or any other attribute that a man has? In English a table is it. It is used for an object and it's not used for a person, a animal, fish, bird, or any thing that lives.


In America, there are a few objects that are considered to be male or female but it's not in their name anymore. Maybe their gender survived from long ago. I can't remember many of them right now but I believe a ship is female. Some Harley Davidson owners, Bikers, give their bike a female name. I named mine Bitch one time when it wouldn't start. hehehe


It never made sense to me either, neutrally speaking. But the Romans and Germans thought it does. maybe a relict from "superstitious" ancient times, when the humans were more inclined with nature and objects.


probably the Filipinos also think that gender identification isn't necessary for them either.


you slowly see the point now ? Germans= Gender for things , Anglosaxons= abolished it.

Filipino= no gender for anything..


Philosophically speaking, one does not need a gender. see how i avoided the Gender ?

In fact, we have a bit of trouble now with all this Genderbusiness in the age of "politically correctness" and maybe in a few generations we abolish them as well.

("Businessperson") :rolleyes:

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Stranded Shipscook


I married a Vietnamese in 1972 and have been either married to or around Asians since then, so I learned what you are saying long ago. The language someone thinks in is the one they can speak the best. I use to ask my wife and a few others that question, but of course with a woman, if you ask her what language were you thinking in, she might say I wasn't thinking, haha


All correct except the highlighted sentence. The language one thinks in is the one he uses. if i am a few days in Germany, i WILL think in German again.

And i can express myself a hell of lot better in German than in English. After all, almost my entire education is based on this language.


However, "thinking" as a process isn't really defined by a language, it is a very abstract process with the result of "talking inside oneself" but in reality we do not "think" in a language pattern. More in pictures and emotions.

The final result of the hyperfast thinking process is then formulated in words.very SLOW words.

But thats very complicated now.

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