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Teach Filipinos how to use the correct Gender Words.


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  1. 1. Does your girlfriend or wife use the correct gender words?

    • Yes, she is always correct.
    • Yes, she gets it right more than half the time.
    • Yes, she gets it right about half of the time.
    • Yes, she gets it right sometimes.
    • Yes, she gets it right but not very often.
    • No, she always uses the wrong word.

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"They're coming at 2PM?"


"I told you last week."


"They're coming at 2PM"

"Who is they."

"My brother and his gf, I told you last week."

"Oh, yeah, well, last week I would have understood who they are. But you have to use some names or something before you go to pronouns or i have no idea who you are talking about."


I have the same convo's the other way around and it just means one has a lousy memory and does not even bother to fix this by using an agenda or notebook :scratch_head: not sure there is much cultural to that

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Without going through and reading every post in this thread, I am going to comment.   We (native English speakers) look at it as though it is an error. However, what you are not taking into consider

When I was courting my Thai wife she quizzed me about my family. I told her "I have a big brother". "Is your big brother a boy or a girl" she asked.   KonGC

Before it gets too far along, can you change the poll to have the option:   She ain't perfect but gets it right 3 out of 4 times, (Or perhaps just say More often than not)

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