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The Police Arrive With A Search Warrant

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If they have knocked on our door and they have an actual warrant, then they believe they have a case against you OR can make a case against you depending on what they find in the premises. And the Judge who signed the warrant and the prosecutor who issued the paperwork for signing, are in the picture also.


In this case, it will cost a lot more than loose change to get out of this one mate. Start praying your bank account has enough in it. I'm not talking corruption but what it will cost you personally at every turn if they 'happen' to find incriminating stuff at your location. If it is a setup, which has happened to some, they are looking to bleed you dry of as much as they can get. They will take your P2k as if it never existed and then it's onto the possibly hundreds of thousands or even more as in the case where I gained the original post material from and a case where an elderly 70+ Aussie man, with a serious heart condition was the victim of a police setup and bulldust search of his house where drugs were planted by one of the several cops searching. Incarcerated, denied medical treatment, for many months and his life buggered and that of his wife and little daughter as he refused to pay the P2mill he was being asked for. His wife did pay P200,000 to be released herself. The trial saw the case thrown out, the police criticised by the Judge for their flawed case and nothing happened to the scumbag cops in this case. Our illustrious leader :thats-funny: put a link to this info maybe more than a year ago.



Yes I read that too. Harry the Horse had it in one of his blogs I believe.

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