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Hello and Good Day

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Hello - from Canada here. Been to Philippines a couple times once in 2000 with a Rotary GSE program for 6 weeks (4 with the program and 2 on my own). Loved the country - travelled all over from Manila to General Santos. Came back in 2004 to revisit and catch up with old friends from the first trip. Ended up staying 3 months living and travelling and enjoying the great country.


Now I'm heading back again in November but just for a few short weeks and will be seriously considering looking into living/working there if I can at all figure it out. Anyone willing to to have that kind of conversation with some insight would be welcome. Interested in finding or maybe creating work though but I realize its not that easy.


I have a recreation planning background, with some teaching and coaching experience as well as having run my own business for the past 10 years.


Anyway - HELLO and look forward to reading through the forums and perhaps chatting with some.



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Welcome,, come to Cebu next time and don't look back!welcome3.gif

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Welcome and Good Day, btw I'm brand new here myself.


"...recreation planning background..."


If I were you I would pepper the resorts at Boracay with your resume. People get bnored on vacations, love to stay busy. Also the community associations for the planned communities where retired expats are allowed to buy.

"as well as having run my own business for the past 10 years"


And as a fallback, just start your own business as a subcontractor for resorts to bring in as needed to offer fun and classes during tourist season. Hire a few Fils to make it legal, I think they want tourism-oriented businesses that employ locals.


-Good luck!


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Mr. Mike

Welcome to the forums Dignan!



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:biggrin_01: to the forums! First round of SMB's are on you :drink:
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