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Rice Cooker Diversity

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Yesterday we had lunch with another Expat and his wife. As we talked about food and the best places to find things I mentioned that I had been making two layer cakes, biscuits, cornbread and meat / veggie pies (pot pies). The part that surprised him was the fact that I do it all in my Rice Cooker. We all know how wonderful it cooks rice, congee and is great for steaming fresh vegetables and even baking fish. It will also produce perfect pastries. He thought I should share this info with the forum, so I hope it helps those without a conventional oven. Even if you do, why heat up the house with the oven?


Rice cookers come in different sizes but the standard size usually has a 9 inch teflon insert. That just happens to be the size of a standard round cake pan. Mix your cake mix as usual, (should yield enough for 2- 9 inch layers}. lightly oil the inside insert of the cooker, pour in half of you mix, close top, turn on (rice temp) cooker. Now cooker will cut off on temperature (safety). When it cools turn back on. Normally you will cycle about 4 times, check cake between cycles. Check for done by inserting a wooden bar-b-que skewer, if it comes out clean, cake is done, if not cycle again. Once cake is done, remove insert from cooker, let cool a few minutes and place a plate on top of insert and flip. Layer should fall out perfectly. Repeat for second layer, cool and apply frosting. This will also work for brownies, biscuits, meat pies and cornbread. Use you imagination.....and good luck with your Rice Cooker Cake. :shitstormretarded:

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Nice one, thx.

I also use it to cook my potatoes, steam my veg on top, and fish...great allround use for them!

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