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A very dark scam

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Stranded Shipscook

This is a scam which has actually been attempted unsuccessfully to my mother 20 years ago, but a while ago it has happened in Cebu City too. Since it is an "easy" trick, chances are it will be duplicated.

Sad enough a person dies, but when scrupelous people try to make money out of it, it is really despicable.



Those con artists read obituaries of people and then send reminders of outstanding debts for invoices to the mourning wifes..under threat of going legal ways if not paid. Which would be quite embarrassing since:


They charge for p*ornographic literature and other sexual related items. i do not want to get explicit here.


The invoices/reminders look absolutely real and believable, and often the ashamed wife, shocked by the "secret" of her deceased husband, pays the invoice. Of course she does not talk to anybody or seeks any advise in this delicate matter.

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