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Nightlife Trick in Cebu

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Does that mean it comes with the magnetic zip opener? or the laser ones ........... :D



If we get a chance to meet Godess I will make sure that it has the magnetic zip opener !!! :biggrin_01:

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An expat customer of me went to Cebu City to indulge a bit in the nightlife. he is a friendly fellow and not unexperienced, since he works in Cebu since years. ( So he is an expat, not a tourist ! )


But sometimes, as he confesses, he indulges in a real nite out and gets real drunk, but still got his wits. So he thought....


At the end of a night out of town partly with friends, he ends up in one of the Mango bars, but since he don't like bargirls, He just gets some 'appetite" (whatever he means by that)


Then he hops in one of the waiting taxis in front, t his surprise its the same driver who brought him there from another place before. When he arrives at is desired destination and pays the taxi, a pretty girl suddenly pops up and calls him by his name. 'small talk, blablabla, ( remember, the guy is under the influence and probably spoke to 20 or 30 chicks that nite! )

Well, she is a bit educated, looks good and he joins her in the Disco.


After a few drinks and a bit of the cuddly cuddle she also joins him in his hotel. A smaller kind, not one of the five stars.


he takes a shower first and when he comes out, girl gone, money gone, watch gone, everything.(damage about 30k) The jump in the jeans and the run to the reception after her is of course fruitless. "She left sir, this way..." is all the (very tired) guard could say. And her appearance wasn't like a bargirl, so they didn't suspect enough to search her.


Anyhow, the Police in Fuente just said, that this wasn't the first time, the girls work together with the taxidriver(s) and it is pretty difficult to find or proof anything. description, Taxi number, any hint ?


The trouble was, that the guy told too much to the friendly taxidriver, showed too much money when he paid the taxi and trusted the "gorgeous" too much of course.


Well, can't blame him really, he was really god setup.


Need a moral- don't talk too much to strangers,specially taxi drivers, they are also involved in other scams. Inform the hotel NOT to let anyone out without calling you first. ( Discreet please, most woman are nice )

sounds like a wonderfull time,

the next guy should leave only 10k a round,this way he can buy breakfast and hit up the ATM before lunch...i love night life!

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