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David Spicer

I'm 52, retired from the US Army in '95, divorced with 1 child (daughter, 32), and didn't find the RP until 2005. Obviously the AF and Navy were keeping it a secret.


Once found, and visited, I had made up my mind to retire to Baguio for the cooler climate. I used Cebu as my home base and as fate would have it, I was introduced to a wonderful Cebuana, and I asked her to marry me when I was here in Feb 2006. We were married on Feb 28, 2007, right after I relocated, and are expecting a child in Dec. Needless to say, Baguio went out the window, but I'm just as happy here in Talisay as I would be in Baguio. Home is where my sandals are :thumbsup:

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Bob Ward
B.O.B. =












(make something out of that...)




Bodacious = remarkable

Idiosyncratic = distinctive

Likable = by far

Logical = of course

Yoeman = loyal service


I tried anyway!!! :lol:


But where is your bio? :thumbsup:

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  • Admin (Retired)

I was born in a log cabin in Arkansas, USA. It was actually a very old used-to-be sharecropper cabin that my parents rented. Grew up in Holyrood, Kansas, USA in a town of 600+ population.


After 1 year of college, got married and worked in oil fields, painting, ditch digging, water well drilling, etc. One day I saw Electric Linemen climbing poles and I went after that job! I stayed with that the rest of my working life. About 25 years working for hundreds of Contractors across America, married (many times) while young and ended up raising 2 children at the ages from 1 and 3 until they went out on their own. I went through several wives (some were mine) and many g/f's while on the road. Most women wanted to settle down in 1 town, but I have always had the traveling fever.


I ended my career in Management at Los Angeles, CA, USA for their Power Company Municipal. I retired 1 year ago in May and this ended my 45 years trying to find where all the wires finally deadended.


I married my Asawa Eda in 1999 and she came here that year. Yes, ups and downs, but she's almost got me housebroken. We have no children but we spend our time, energies (and some moola) on our nephews, nieces, grandchildren & great-grandchildren (Eda became an instant grandmother when we married) and traveling. Eda has seen all but 15 of the USA Continental States. When we are home, Eda is a substitute teacher. She is also working on her thesis for her Master Degree in Special Education. What a woman!!!


Our next trip (Sept-Oct) will cover (overland) France and England, cruising with stops in Norway, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Belgium and Ireland. We will then fly to Italy and work our way from north to south ending up in Rome.






That's my 66 years in a few short paragraphs, folks...



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Hey Billy when you make that grand trip to Europe be sure to look me up in good old UK, come and see Stonehenge and enjoy the sights,


Tom, get here when ever you can, it will be a pleasure to have a walking partner,




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Alan S

Looks like its my turn.


I was born at a very early age: the trouble is that it was a l-o-n-g time ago! Lol


Started out as an accountant, which I found boring so changed careers and moved into electronics.

Whilst studying electronics, I managed to add in some mechanical engineering-see later.


Gradually moved up the corporate ladder until I was driving a desk, and using my accountancy knowledge more than the technical.

Did a couple of stints on secondment to a Govt department, and that led to an offer of temporary work with one of the military boat building companies. At this time I was offered promotion by the company I worked for, but it would have meant moving, and that would have disrupted my kids schooling, so took the opportunity to play with things wot float.

When that ended, started out on my own doing consulting work. Got some work from a couple of banks, which led to my joining an accountancy firm, doing insolvency and rescue of companies with problems.

Still got work from banks, and that led to me joining one of them.

That led to my first trip to the Philippines, 17 years ago, and that then led to many further trips.

At one point I left the bank and went back out on my own, working for various companies and organisations, including one branch of the UN. Mostly those were for projects in SE Asia, again including the Philippines.


Divorced, although I remain good friends with my ex-wife. No plans to remarry.

Got two sons, 40 & 36, but no grandchildren.



Hobbies. Once used to race motorbikes (at which I wasn

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I was born in a log cabin in Arkansas

I went through several wives (some were mine)

this ended my 45 years trying to find where all the wires finally deadended.









Awake, I was laughing so hard, I won't sleep at my desk for a couple of hours now. :wink:

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25 years old. From Kalispell, Montana. After high school I joined the Army and worked in intelligence as a 98Kilo. After a year, they thought I was too eccentric so they transfered me to work in the post office and took away my clearance ( the power hungry MSg was getting revenge on me because I challenged one of her unfair policies and they made her change it).


I only served three years. After the Army, I took an early retirement that lasted about a year and then I went to a community college in Oregon so I could be able to transfer to Silliman. I've been in the Philippines 15 months. By the way, I might be going to Cebu an Aug 25, so if anyone wants to contact me my number is 09-052491-042


I'm a small, soft-spoken, intvroverted person

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Kudos for this one BOB!


I'm Lane, 26 years old, been 3 months since I got married to my long time bf for 2 years (considered 2 years as long term since the rest lasted for few months...LOL)


No kids (yet)


I exercise almost everyday, took some boxing lesson, thinking of taking some kick boxing lesson. I'm a semi vegetarian working on being a full time eventually.


I'm a web developer, I have my own web development business and such (all IT related)


Born and raised in Manila, moved to Cebu 2 1/2 years ago.


Just moved to my new house this year (CEBU). Travel back and forth to Manila, got a house there. My mother is living in Manila.


Preparing for a vacation to US soon, just waiting for some necessary documents.

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I know it! This forum will gonna be a famous place (tambayan)for awhile...for who would not like to meet your next door neighbor :wink: the cheapest and shortest way to meet and have coffee...! :P

Hi there guys...!islandhopper, Chief Illiniwek, tom_shor, Tatoosh...glad to meet all of you here in Bob's and Che's Coffee World! :wt-hell:


Okay Tweety I will add my 2 cents :thumbsup:


I am 42 my wife is 39.


I am originally from North East Georgia and moved to Daytona Beach Florida in 1986.


My wife is originally from Balamban Cebu


We have been happily married for almost 19 years


No kids, (Not gonna have any!) We enjoy our freedom too much.


I am a self employeed carpenter and real estate investor, (I flip houses)


My wife is a regestered nurse by profession but hates that job so she is working as an office manager for 3 doctors


We dont have very many hobbies just WORK! WORK! and more WORK! I do like vintage Corvettes but I have sold both that I once owned. My wife collects orchids, shoes and coach purses :lol:


We do like to travel to Europe, Las Vegas and Cebu City as often as possible


We just recently built a house in the South Hills cebu and plan to move there in the near future.

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Inspector 2211

I'm 42. Born in Western Europe but have been living and working in Silicon Valley since about a decade.


I'm still married, but my wife 1.0 is very bitchy and abusive, hence I'm going to leave her eventually. Right now, however, is not the time as I'm still in the process of saving up money.


I'm not interested in women in their 40s, but rather in women in their 20s (OK, early 30s will do) and there is no such thing as a 15 year plus age disparity between husband and wife here in the U.S. (Unless you're Woody Allen or Nicolas Cage and have the wallet to prove it)


Thus the idea to kill 5 birds with one stone:

- leave the abusive wife

- abandon the boring desk job

- retire early in a country where the cost of living is lower

- find wife 2.0, hopefully 15 +/- years younger (makes it easier for me to adore her)

- live happily ever after


Up until last fall, I had been thinking "Thailand" but they tightened the visa regulations and it's no longer practical for someone under 50 to just hang out in Thailand indefinitely. It's *possible* but not *practical*.


Enter the Philippines:

- the visa regulations basically allow one to stay indefinitely

- I have two friends who are married to Filipinas and both marriages seem to work out

- English is much more widespread than it is in Thailand

- everybody is Roman Catholic - I'm also Roman Catholic


Where in the Philippines?

I don't know yet.

Baguio? Cebu? Dumaguete?

Time will tell.

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Hope wife 1.0 doesn't read this forum. She might nip you in the bud. California divorce laws can rape you.

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Bob Ward

I am truly amazed at the responses here. Both in number and content! This truly helps to see why people post some of the things they do! Mostly it has made me feel more connected and I'm able to empathize with certain situations rather than feel bewildered or critical!


Keep them going and we

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Im A kiwi, 36. No kids, never married, no plans to in the near future.

Left school at 16 and joined the navy. Drank alot of booze and got crap tattoos. Good times.

Pissed around in menial jobs for a few years then moved to Canada at 20, lived there for 8 months doing stucco then moved to the UK, lived in London for 2 years mainly working as a brickies labourer then moved to New Orleans for 6 months and worked as the maintenance man at a youth hostel. Broke and illegal i moved backed to England, got a great job working for guiness breweries, and yes it did include free beer. However i realised that i was destined to live a life ekeing out a living in low paying manual labour unless i did some serious study.

I enrolled at Norwich university and transferred back to NZ after 1 year. Finished a degree in Media studies. During my time at uni I lived with 4-5 drama students, so became involved in theatre and film. I messed about making films for a few years after graduating and won a few awards. I also produced 4-5 plays. Alas it didnt pay the bills.

I answered an ad to teach in Korea and ended up in a small fishing village on the east coast. Crazy, isolation, but a real test of character. And the friendships i made there are the strongest ever. I also realised I am very good teacher so decided to stick with it until i didnt like it anymore. I still love it.

After the year was finished i decided to move to Seoul as its such a vibrant place. After a year there i had worked my way into a position at 1 of the top private highschools in korea. Incredibly lucrative and satisfying job. But i realised that i could never really be part of society in korea and needed a new challenge. I had been visiting PI since 2002 and felt a huge affection for the place. I also study the countries history and people. So decided id give it a shot....nothin to lose right?, been here a month and have a job, house and some awesome mates. Feels like home already.


Im determined to make a living here as so may said it cant be done. In a few years I may head to HK or japan, for some lucrative contracts, but as far as im concerned this is home from now on. Am hoping to study partime from november to get my teachers license.



I am an avid reader and enjoy rugby, social justice, doin weights, poetry, boxing, Rock'n'roll, lone star pizza's, the new battlestar galactica and gettin smashed.


I dont enjoy the nasty hangover i got from drinking white castle whiskey and disrespectful wankers.


James, there is a great rugby team here in cebu, training tomorrow 3pm ish at sandtrap if you'd like to meet some of the folks and get involved.

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would love to see them, can you tell me where and when and who to chat to






PM me a number

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I'm Paul, for those of you who do not know me. I am one of the administrators/moderators of the Forums.


I'm 41, divorced twice, annulled once. (I liked marriage so much that I tried it 3 times.) I live in the province of Cebu (Bogo), having moved here in May. I wanted to get out of the city and see what "country" living is all about. So far, cheaper living, a much larger home, and clean, unpolluted air around me 24/7. I still get to appreciate the roosters crowing in the mornings, though.


Anyway, I am originally from Savannah, Georgia, USA and the youngest of nine children. (Yes, that's right, nine.) My parents always told me that, had I been the first, I would have been the last. I assume they realized they had finally reached perfection. :kidding:


I live in my provincial home with two lovely Filipinas, Iyah and Vivian (they are in my current avatar). They both take care of me like a baby. I truly appreciate them. In fact, if I didn't have them here with me, I would be totally and completely lost. I know this for sure.


I originally began visiting the Philippines in 1992 or 1993?, January. I moved here in January of 2002?, I believe it was anyway. The years are beginning to fade just a bit. (Yeah, I know. I'm "old" for a 41 year old guy, or at least my memory is.) I left in January of 2006 for just under a year, returning in December in time to celebrate the holidays in country.


The Philippines is my home, one I love more than my own homeland, the USA. I am complete when I am here. So, I know this is where I was meant to be in my life, for whatever reason(s). I just know when I am away from here, I feel as though my body has been torn in half. However, upon returning to this wonderful country, I feel complete, as though I was put together in one piece again.


I have spent more than 15 years learning about Filipinos and their culture. I have focused on learning their language and everything else any Filipino is willing to teach me. In fact, Filipinos have taught me many aspects and ways of their culture, quite willingly. I am very grateful for the knowledge they have shared with me, but more so for their patience and understanding, especially when I hacked (and still do, on occasion) their language to shreds.


To repay what I have learned while here, I spend a fair amount of time online, helping others learn what I have about Filipinos and their country. If I have helped even one person, it is all worthwhile.


I am happier now than I have ever been in my life. I hope this continues, because it is a natural, eternal high...





or is it only a dream?





For James: http://www.ceburugby.com

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