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SIDE NOTE: I grew up in north central Pennsylvania (a state in the United States) in a small town by the name of Wellsboro. It is located about 150 miles north of an area of Pennsylvania known as the "Pennsylvania Dutch Country".


Back in the 1800's and early 1900's thousands of Dutch immigrated to that area of Pennsylvania and became world class farmers, store keepers and business men. They became known as "Pennsylvania Dutch".


Even today they all speak with thier own dialect of english. That area is a huge tourist attraction today where people from all over the world go to see how they live and to purchase thier handmade goods.


BY the way -- your english writing is really good.


Nice to know you.




Yes sir, been there, done that, along with getting the Tee-Shirts, and mostly at or around Intercourse, where the places are neat, the food is beyond belief, and so plentiful that if you leave hungry, you ain't right!

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Introductions are not necessary but they often help forum members to better understand each other, since many on this forum are from different countries and cultures.


My wife and I hope to meet you in person next year when we are in CDO. :rolleyes:


Hi Lee!


Really looking forward to your CDO visit! Trust me, you and Nila will love her company! No dull moment with our missy girl!


Here..meet your CDO forum neighbors.... two beautiful women sitting besides me, cagayanstar and jill :P


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Introductions are not necessary but they often help forum members to better understand each other, since many on this forum are from different countries and cultures.


My wife and I hope to meet you in person next year when we are in CDO. :rolleyes:



It will be nice for me too Lee,just drop a line here or you can ask Daisy for my contact info.It will be nice to personally meet a friend and talk over a cup of coffee or a bottle of water..lol

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It will be nice for me too Lee,just drop a line here or you can ask Daisy for my contact info.It will be nice to personally meet a friend and talk over a cup of coffee or a bottle of water..lol


Well since the subject of this topic is meet forum neighbors, then I am not off topic when I say that we look forward to seeing you all when we get to CDO on our next trip. Meeting on the forum is nice, but meeting in person is better.


I am a little disappointed all the same, water or coffee, what no San Mig. :lol::lol::P OK, water or coffee it will be. ;):) My wife does not drink either. :lol:


I will have to save the drinking for when I am with Alan. :rolleyes::bump:


BTW, nice avatar but too sexy for me. :D I think I will go chase my wife around the house a little. :P Hope I can still catch her. :P

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My friends called me RHEE, my close friends in High School called me RING, my father called me RIW, my brothers and sisters called me MANANG EYOK .my nieces and nephews called me AUNTIE YOK.I remember when I was in my primary grade I always look for my name in the boy’s list. I cried during those times and told my mother about it and I asked her why my name sounded to be a boy's name and my mother told me that they named me after a famous sexy star on the year that I was born. It made me smile before, now that I am old and matured I understand and able to handle the situation when some people thought that I am a man.


I grew up in a poor but very loving parents and family, I am the eldest so far, at my young age I remember my mother works as a domestic helper to a relative of ours and my father just worked in the field, planting vegetables. I was always at home taking care of my younger sisters and brothers at my very young age I was thought of how to be responsible. Hard moments but always bring smiles to my face every time I remember them. I can still recall I was 9 to 11 years old I helped my mother do the laundry to earn extra money. When the laundry was done I need to carry them on top of my head and bring them to the owners. We are poor but filled with love by my parents. Every March which was the end of classes here I always have awards and recognitions from school for academic excellence, I remember my father joking that he almost fell on stage just to pinned my awards, Our neighbors before asked my parents how come they have an intelligent children which didn’t eat enough? I didn’t knew maybe it ran on the blood and its hereditary ..lol !



I graduated grade 6 and after that my parents told me I cant go to high school, I cried and glad I had an uncle who was a teacher that time helped me took a scholarship which I gladly passed so I was able to continue my studies as a scholar in the famous religious school in town. I went to school before with shoes that had holes and socks that were loose, pity for me and I was like a bamboo stick before when I was 12. But during those times I started to grew and have a crush on school but I thought nobody liked me before. Why? I didn’t look good before, I told you I look like a bamboo pole wearing faded uniform with loose socks with shoes that had holes, sad I didn’t have pictures when I was at that age. I love to read pocketbooks telling different love stories, Listening to sweet and mellow music and if I had time before went to the neighbor and watched TV and when the neighbor was in a bad mood will slammed the door. The accomplishment that I had on high school was when I became the champion of the essay writing contest and I my name was announced during the flag ceremony in school and I climbed on the stage to received my award. When I was 16 it was my first time to experienced having a period and my classmates were surprised caused most of them had it when they were 12 and 13 but I had it when I was 16 and about to graduate. I graduated high school with good grades.



Going to college was a problem again, my parents cant afford it, so what I did I lived with my uncle who worked as a teacher and his wife worked as a teacher too and stayed with them as working student, but they never treated me like a relative but as a helper not related to them, hard but I was happy when I went to school because in school I was famous not because of money, not because of beauty but because of my brains. I studied Education, with English as my major. It was not what I wanted really, I wanted Master in Communication or Journalism but too expensive. I was a member of the school paper writing poems and essays and when I was in college I won as a champion of the extemporaneous speech which made me popular in school. Unfortunately I didn’t finished my course but still hoping to go back to school one day.


I am very flexible, patient and understanding. I am romantic and passionate. I love public display of affection, kissing my man on public, I like to always look good, dress good and I am fond of books. Love stories, I like horror movies and science fictions. I love children and when I get bored I will go in the bookstore looking for book on sales or go in the mall and look what are the new design for sexy clothes. I don’t like perfumes, but I love baby colognes. I love white and pink roses. Pink is my favorite color its very feminine. I like white too. I don’t go out much, I don’t like crowds and I don’t like to be expose to too much noise. I am more of a home buddy than a socializer. I like to watch cartoons, Tom and Jerry, and the Simpsons.


I worked in the government for almost seven years,tried overseas for greener pastures but there's no place like home really.I love it here in Cagayan de Oro,its not so big,not so small,just enough.



I don’t judge other persons by physical looks I always want to dig the personality. I always put my love ones first on my list, I am very choosy with friends, if I don’t like you then for sure I will not waste my time faking to be your friend.





About the latest updates,you can ask me..I am an active member of yahoo group here in CDO,I hope this will you gave an idea who is the person behind this name.Thank you.


Hello there Rhee :lol:


Your introduction caught my attention. Your hardship in obtaining good education rang a bell. I too, am from a very poor but loving family. Grade school went like a breeze, and luckily for me I got a scholarhip with the University of San Carlos girls' high school so it wasn't as hard for me as it was for you. The battle began in college. I was granted a scholarship with USJ-R to study BS Accountancy but I quit because I wanted to get a job so I could help my family. From then on it was a struggle to get on with my studies and keep my job at the same time. I was in and out of school for 15 years! I went to work in Taiwan for 2 years at one point, was getting ready to hop on to Singapore for another job stint, but I decided to go back to college again to study Office Administration. It was very hard. Your story makes me feel an affinity with you. I commend you for doing everything you possibly could to better yourself. And I'm sure your parents are very proud of you. One of my best memories of my father was how he looked so proud when he walked with me to receive the highest awards in grade school. I did very well in high school, too, and was chosen as the only recipient for a prestigious scholarship that was only awarded once every four years. Fact is though, even without the honors, just seeing their children in a graduation ceremony means a lot to loving parents, especially those who work hard so that their kids will have the education they never had. My father was the same way. Both him and my mother only finished high school, but all of their kids were able to get college education.


Do not get discouraged nor stop your quest for betterment. If you want to go back to school don't think that it is too late. Even now here in the U.S., I'm still in school. This summer I finished a certificate course in Medical Transcription, and am now finishing up an Associate Degree in Health Information Technology. When I graduate I will continue to get a bachelor's degree in either Health Information Management or Business Management and will proceed to get a master's. There is no limit to what you can do if you will persist. I know how seemingly hard it is to make your dreams come true in the Philippines, but if you persevere, there is bound to be a reward waiting for you, if it hasn't yet come your way.


To everyone, my apologies if this is off-topic :as-if: Cheers!

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