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Greetings from L.A.

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Want to say Hello, maybe I know some people here from various Thai forums.


I'm giving LOS (PTY & BKK) a rest. Been to P.I. twice, last time to Angeles and Baguio about 4 years ago.


Planning Cebu this February, with the primary focus to see if I'd be comfortable to spend a good long stay there. I thought 10 years ago Thailand was my calling, but I'm quite disappointed with the direction that country is headed.


I'll get on board as a paying member soon, and if you see me here picking your brains you now know who it is. From beautiful So. Cal., Take Care all, Don

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Welcome aboard. I take it your single and would be looking for place to settle in Asia. Thailand sure has made a mess of things. The Philippines is also changing their SRRV(retirement visa) requirements but if I were you I would stay in the P.I. on a regular tourist visa for a year or two to see if you can live there. It aint for everyone. Hell my Filipina wife isn't sure if its even for her anymore.

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