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School Exec Denies Link In Slay Plot On German

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What Filipinos will stoop to when they want to take over the business of a Foreigner... :as-if:



School exec denies link in slay plot on German






A top official of the state-college Philippine Merchant Marine Academy (PMMA) has denied reports linking him to a plot to kill a German who was wounded in an ambush in Manila on Wednesday.


Reacting to media reports, PMMA president Rear Admiral Fidel Di�oso said the academy is compelled to respond to the malicious insinuations dragging it to the attempted killing of 62-year-old German Michael Johannes Heinen by two unidentified men on a motorcycle.


�There is no conflict between Heinen and the PMMA. We condemned the dastardly attempt to murder Heinen,� Di�oso said in a press statement.


�What we know is the monetary claim of Heinen against Rheinmetall Defence Elektroniks, his former employer and the main contractor of the PMMA Upgrading Project,� he added.


�It is purely a civil and monetary claim by an employee against a former employer to which the PMMA is not a party,� Di�oso stressed.


He further said the allegation of Heinen of ghost deliveries has not been substantiated by any evidence during the last inquiry of the congressional oversight committee.


To date, Heinen is still silent on the Auditor�s Report confirming the completeness of the PMMA project as he failed to show any document to buttress his claim of ghost deliveries.


�Heinen has never been considered as a �star witness� by any committee of the Lower House,� Di�oso said.


He stressed that the PMMA has a record of �actively� participating in the congressional inquiries and would remain committed and willing to cooperate in any investigation.


�The PMMA will cooperate with any investigating body to pursue the perpetrators and bring them to the bar of justice,� Di�oso said.


Quoting initial police reports, Hienen was with his driver on board a black Hyundai van with plate number ZAW 340 when unidentified men on board a red XRM motorcycle fired at him at the corner of San Marcelino and Escoda streets in Manila.


Supt. Rogelio Rosales Jr., Manila Police Station 5 commander, said that clients of another business group could be behind the attack on Hienen, who is chairman of the board of Profound Master Inc. that sends Filipino seamen overseas.


�Definitely, this is not robbery because the suspects immediately left without taking anything (from the victim). They (perpetrators) could be disgruntled applicants,� Rosales said.


Hienen sustained two gunshot wounds � one on his side and another on his left arm, and was taken to the Philippine General Hospital for treatment.


Police were still determining the type of firearm used since the suspect hid it inside a bag, and the slugs recovered from the crime scene are still being subjected to laboratory examinations. PNA

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BTW...Any news on the investigation of the German couple murder some time back? I think crewsafe said they should ask who gets to keep the fancy house? I agree. I wonder if there's any development. Couldn't find the original thread.

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