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Bin Laden Death Hoax

Bob Ward

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last night i was watching SNL off the old dvr when i came home for lunch

there was a good line on the news portion


and it went a little something like this



what with all the conspiracy theories popping up around the execution of osama bin laden

Barak Obama is going to be the first black man in history that's going to have to prove he did kill someone

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Like, I suspect, the majority of people, I dont care.


Was he killed recently or long ago?

Doesnt matter, he is still just as dead.


Was he even killed at all?

Still doesnt matter. Those who want to believe it will do so, and the others wont.


In any case, it wont affect me.

Terrorism will continue in either case, and there is nothing I can do about it.



If I happened to get blown up, then I might be a bit miffed, but then it will be too late for me to worry.


Fine, Logical and Philosophical view point you have there Alan S!

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