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Greetings and intro

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Hiya Everyone


Was searching the web looking for info on expat clubs in Cebu and have come across this site. Nice.


My husband, wee daughter (19 months) and I are new to Cebu. Hubby works, I am a SAHM. We moved here just over 3 weeks ago from Scotland. The expat life is not new to us, this is our fourth country in just over 2 years. Yes that's a lot of flying with a baby. Must be a touch crazy me thinks. We are born and bred South Africans and love us a good braai (barbeque) and a game of rugby (watching, the world cup is coming).


Anyway, we are currently getting on our feet, looking for a place to rent and generally trying to settle into the way of life here abouts.


I would love to get in touch with some friendly people. If you have young kids... that would be a huge BONUS but certainly not a prerequisite! :biggrin_01:


Anyhow, ciao for now.




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Welcome to the forum

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nice place to find, right here


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Mr. Mike

Welcome Tam, glad to have you aboard!



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Hallo! Welcome to the forum. I will also be moving to Cebu fairly soon. I think I've found a place to stay and I have young-ish kids. I'll keep in touch on here and perhaps we'll meet up.

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