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USD/PHP Predictions for May 1st 2012

blaze pontaine

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blaze pontaine

A little over a year ago I challenged the members here to predict what the peso's value would be against the US dollar on May 1st 2012. 36 members guessed with another 12guessing after the contest cutoff date - predictions ranged from 28.5 to 49.1.


When the contest began on April 30 2011 the peso was at 42.8 and it currently stands at 42.2 for a gain of 1.5% in value against the dollar. During these 12 months the peso fluctuated between 42.1and 44.2.


The members with the most accurate predictions are:




Blaze Pontaine.......41.30


Congratulations cebuned. I owe u a dinner at a restaurant of your choice at ayala terraces (not gustavian, lol).

There will be a new contest for next year.

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Amazing how many did not read the opening post.

you guys are all missing the boat ..   all you have to do is all agree to guess the same number and than blaze would of had to buy you all dinner   too late now though really as the thread is alr

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Go figure,


I lost my shirt in the US Stock market, but I did okay with this contest, maybe I should start trading currency ' NOT ' !!!!!!


As for the dinner blaze, we can discuss that later, maybe we can meet up in Cebu City next time I'm over that way. I'm living in Toledo City and usually only go to CC once or twice a month.


Thanks again for the contest,



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