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Seriously considering Cebu

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Mr. Mike

This was my first full winter in the Cebu. I also became disenchanted with Iowa winters and determined I would no longer endure those conditions again. In the past, I spent my time in Luzon, but found it was way too hot for my liking. So, this past winter I ventured from Manila by bus to Cebu. I settled on the west coast and although it is hot, I didn't find it unbearable. I had an air conditioner for the bedroom and that was enough for me at night. I am also rotund and sweat quite nicely giving my housekeeper the humorous role of handing me a dry t-shirt after I would return from my four kilometer walk into town and back.


There were comments as to the living conditions here and I will agree that the conditions are not perfect. Yes, I drank from a bottled water dispenser in the kitchen, suffer "infrequent" brownouts, and take cold water baths. It is true that even in the provinces, the people are compacted and you experience a lot of poverty, but I find the lifestyle perfect. I love the market and strolling through the stores in town. The trike drivers would get upset with me because I walked so much and equated it to me being a poor "kano", which is not the case. I did not have a motorbike at first, but will buy one in July. Other than that, bus transportation is an adventure and needs to be experienced if you are going to live in the PI.


There are pros and cons to any place you move and live in, but I have found Cebu as a nice place to spend time in . It is not as hot as Luzon and I like the locals; oh, let's not forget living on Philippine time (such a departure from the states). I have spoken to some who were bored after a few months and returned to the states, but I will most likely live the rest of my years here. It takes some getting used to, but wherever there isn't snow, ice, and cold temperatures, I am content.



I enjoyed you post very much,,,,,Thank you


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One piece of advice visit first and check it out. See the sights meet the people. Then head home and decide. See if this is what you want for the next chapter in your life.


Wlecome and enjoy your stay

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Working on my third trip to the Philippines. Spent a total of three months in country checking the place out. My trip this fall will be for 5 months. Should know by then if I want to live there permanently. Right now, thinking more of the 6 month there and 6 months here life. After all, I need to get some of my medicare money back.

Later, SB

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Man, you guys are makin me jealous. Wish I could come today

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all i can say is great to have some many opinions and advice you can hear.

then just do what we all did, jump a plane, give it a try, enjoy some times, make some mistakes, and mostly keep sharing our experiences.


that is why i love the forum, what i can learn from 100-1000 other experiences is so very much greater than i can ever learn on my own.

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