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Crockpot Recipes


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Does anyone have any person crockpot recipes specifically for Filipino dishes?

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Adobo in a slow cooker would probably work out pretty good. All you would need is some Chicken, vinegar, soy sauce, garlic and onion. As a matter of fact, I'm tempted to try it out myself.

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Caldereta is very simple in a crock pot and really yummy.

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Thanks for the feedback. Hopefully others will chime in with other possible dishes.

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If you have a cookbook with Filipino recipes, then it's pretty easy to figure out which ones will work in a crock pot. If it says simmer slowly, then it's a good bet a crock pot will do a great job. My MIL made some chicken adobo yesterday that was falling off the bone. She did it in a regular pot on the stove, but when I saw how she cooked it, I immediately thought of the crock pot possibilities. Filipinas are NOT used to cooking with a crock pot, and have a hard time seeing the advantage of preparing a meal hours in advance (even though they have no problem letting the food sit out for hours after a meal in case anyone gets hungry). It's not Filipino cooking, but I do a great (in my opinion) pulled pork in my crock pot, and we have pulled pork sandwiches, but I don't think she is impressed. She usually takes part of the leftover pulled pork to feed the dogs, so I'm thinking she wasn't exactly overwhelmed by the taste.



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if my wife ever has time i'm sure she can post several things here .. we use our slowcooker all the time


ribs are one thing i can say are great in it .. we slowcook slabs of pork ribs but i need to ask my wife in what mixture exactly (liquid wise)


then we sauce them and finish them under the broiler

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Try Callos (Ox tripe with sausage and chickpeas). If you don't want to dare cooking tripe, try out Montebello Villa Hotel's Callos first. Im pretty sure you would like it.

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I love Crock Pot cooking. One of my self made meals is the following:


Lately I have been cooking Northern White Beans in a crock pot.


Most of the time I will throw in a Ham bone for flavor, but since I have been on a diet I have worked around this by adding non-meat items


First I fast boil the white beans (I cook about 2 - 3 pounds at a time ) in a pan. I boil the beans for 2 - 5 minutes. Let soak for 1 1/2 hours. in the hot water.


I use a 6 qt Crock Pot


I drop 6 beef cubes in a bowl and mircrowave in water for about 3 minutes to dissolve them.

I add a teaspoon of black pepper and a 1/2 teaspone of Cayenne pepper

I add 2 tablespoons of Lemon Juice

I add a good shake or two of Worcestershire Sauce and Tabasco Hot sauce

Stir all and pour in the Crock Pot

Add 1 can of Chicken Broth

Add the beans and cover with water (make sure all of the beans are cover with liquid)

Stir and mix


Cook from 6 - 11 hours depending on the quality of the White Bean U use.


Keep in the icebox when finish and it will do two things

1 the liquid will thicken into a gravy

2 any fat will rise to the top and U can skim it off pretty easy


The beans are cheap, easy to fix, high in Fiber and low in Calories

I have made it a basic around my diet. When I get hungry I just eat about a cup full and add in Veg's at a meal or two. It is helping to keep me away from bread and sugar items....


Hope ya'll like

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