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familyvacation in phil

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Im not sure Manilla is right place to have base, I think about base in cebu?

Is it possible to go from cebu to palawan by plane, or is it only ferry.

I think I read somewhere that cebu is central airport for domestic flights as wel as manilla.




Palawan can be reached by plane from Cebu. The main city of Palawan is Puerto Princesa. I think both Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific both fly there (just check their websites).


Yep, both Cebu and Manila are domestic hubs.



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post-3216-0-52184000-1302387137_thumb.jpgI have a package deal from a travel agency for APulit Palawan at cheap price when i come to cebu, will be one of my destinations.. I am not sure if im allowed to post it here the link.I just thought to share it with you as well, Palawan seems to fit you guys aside from Cebu. U can always ask Paul, he is nice to give you permission to get PM.


Good luck! and keep reading on this forum...it is always helpful and very informative about Philippines.


Cheers to people runnning it!

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I agree with ABW that a trip to bagio is worth the time if you have time. You will see pine trees and have cooler temperatures to enjoy and many beautiful sites. There is so much in the Philippines to see it would take a long time to see it all.

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Thank you for your answers, yes Boracay was the first place I thinked of. From all my reading here in the forum, I think its the right place.

I think both my daughter and wife like if there is some life in the evening, like night marked in thailand. I just hope the evening life is not all partying in the bars.

I hope there is things to do for all family, like minigolf, night marked, live music, etc. , or something like that.

Im not sure yet if Boracay, will be the only destination, maybe some days in cebu and then go to Boracay.

Normally when we travel shopping in malls are something we all like, so some days in cebu might calme the shopping gene, he he


thanks again for all your advice

and generally for the good reading in the forum



While I would rarely ever recommend Manila to anyone, you can get to Boracay from either Cebu or Manila. Both have malls. Cebu has SM City Mall and Manila has SM Mall of Asia. Of course, there are smaller malls in both cities. However, when it comes to other things to do (not associated with bar-hopping), Manila wins hands down. Yes...it is a big, dirty, congested city (Cebu is just dirty and congested), but because it is bigger, it has a lot more variety when it comes to things to do and places to see. It also has a lot more choice when it comes to good places to eat. Of course, there are down sides, but you can probably avoid them if you're smart.


Forget about Lake Taal. The area is being evacuated due to possible volcanic activity.

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Stranded Shipscook

You got a kazillion info already ( David-living-in-Talisay informative as always, just click on his in built links too, don't forget to hit the 'thank you" button on his post,most people don't )


Now, as i did a few yacht charters with families to those islands i had the subjective impression, that Children in this age category generally prefer Malapascua and Panglao Beach in Bohol.

Big resorts in Mactan may be a bit too boring for them, as they are designed for grown ups. And it cost you !


If i be in your situation, i would plan as follow:


Spend 3 days in Cebu or Mactan in a good hotel or resort for acclimatisation and shopping sprees. Also consider buying most beachwear and tropical clothing at this time, you save a great deal of Money and shopping is fun. SM or Ayala mall are most suitable for this and resorts offer shuttle service there. good hotesl and resorts also offer storage of 'excess luggage" until your departure, so you can travel "light" and don't have to bring your other "bargain buys" with you. of course it requires a fixed booked room for your departure day(s), but that is most probably necessary anyway.


If you are not low on a buck, consider the hotels offers on bringing you to the 'ferry points", so you travel safe and nice.

(Buses and other public transport can be a nuisance for vacationers)


Then you proceed to either Panglao or Malapascua beach for the more relaxed part of the vacation. I do not know what your wifes ties are to the Philippines, she may have other plans with her family or such. (maybe you post more explicit infos?) :thumbs_up:


Why not Moalboal? Well, its more playground for divers and grown ups and not so "beachy" as the name suggests. Among other "negative" aspects visible to your daughter. Except you want to keep her locked in the resort. (oh no, i can see the storm brewing among the Moalboal lovers here, guys, for Christ sake, she is 11 and i would not want my daughter being exposed to all those local mini machos and hookers ! )


Why not Boracay? Great also, but very expensive and very "exploited". But one could take it in consideration, it is just my personal opinion and you have to decide for yourself then. been there 1985 first and every further development made me cry, but don't get mislead by subjective opinions.:closedeyes:

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