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Hi everyone,


I may have this account for awhile and posted some topic but I dont know how to retrieve my post.

First of all, I am a confused filipina who had been wanting to moved back to Philippines long time ago due to the fact that America in my opinion isn't the kind of place to raise my 5 young kids. Been looking for a house, research on schools and research on what kind of business i can get into while staying at home in cebu.


Anyhow, for those people who had been nice responding to me THANK you! and for those topic i post sarcastically...i am sorry seriously.


I am a native Cebuana, born and raised by the natives in Mactan. NOw living in Florida used to be in Longbeach Ca. Looking at my options and weighing the scale until now of where is the best place to raise my 5 kids.


Anyhow, I got so much to share how i was mistreated with my own country and people..so please dont blame me for being sour sometimes in my opinion. Ill keep diggin on this forum every now and then..



I salute to you guys for being united...this forum is a lot of help!

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Welcome to the forums!

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