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seeking smale-scale investment advice

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Why anyone would make plans to live permanently in a place he has never visited, and consider making business there with and for a woman he has never met, is absolutely beyond me.


It's the little head doing the thinking for the big head syndrome. It happens to most men at least once. I was going to say the exact same thing but I didn't want to sound harsh.

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I noticed that, one foreigner owned (invested/managed?) bar on Mango and another foreigner involved bar in Subic, both are for "sale"

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Alan S

They (bars) have to be one of the highest risk businesses one can own.


A few people have made a lot of money, particularly back in time, but they are also a magnet for all those who hold their hands out for "contributions".


Personally, I wouldnt touch one with a bargepole, and neither should anyone else unless they have money to throw away.

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