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seeking smale-scale investment advice

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I would not invest one centavo until I see clearly what I am doing and what the ROI is.


I would not open a business without a Business plan, feasibility Study and a Marketing Plan..


Guard your money that you have earned. If you have read over this forum you know this is a place rapt in Corruption and scams.. Have others come here and done OK yes..


I have sad news for you most fail and the failure is many times caused by the very people you have a heart to help.


You need time study out any business you may be contemplating and know the laws are relative to that enterprise and your rights and most of all your liabilities to this business.

Listen my friend people are excited there is fresh meat coming with cash..

Many believe it is their job to relieve you of of your hard earned money and that would include some right here on this Forum..


Move very slow if it is a good deal today it will a good deal a year from now..

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The Mason

You should consider just blowing the 100k on a huge party for your GFs baranguay. You won't have your money, but you'll have a great time and the pain from the hangover fades in 24 hours. With a business, you still won't have your money, won't have much fun, and the pain will linger for months or years.

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You should consider just blowing the 100k on a huge party for your GFs baranguay. You won't have your money, but you'll have a great time and the pain from the hangover fades in 24 hours. With a business, you still won't have your money, won't have much fun, and the pain will linger for months or years.


Problem with this is, if he does hit it off with the girlfriend, he won't be able to go anywhere near the barangay again without having to shell out.


Best to be conservative, go for a look by all means but keep your money at home

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did you told your g frend already u have some money?? ... if so... bad bad bad mistake!!!


go there WITHOUT the money and tel her you got some hard time and spend it...


then tell her to explain to you the cost involved and let her break it down on paper...if she can't u know what to do!!

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Why anyone would make plans to live permanently in a place he has never visited, and consider making business there with and for a woman he has never met, is absolutely beyond me.

This is not the right time to be idealistic!

I may be a skeptic and may have lost out on a lot of "fun" that way, but I am still alive and kicking in this country, for many years already. But it is up to you...


By the way, you seem so generous; there are many girls to choose from here if you are that generous.


Moral of the story: Come over, stay some time, meet many other women,

go back home, digest it all, and start making plans from there on. :biggrin_01:

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Stranded Shipscook

I can only add this : Listen to all the advise already given here


But i like to say at this point, if anybody doubts, that LinC makes sense or not.. this topic is a living proof that it does !


congrats to all posters so far also, everybody was nice and sincere, so i gave everybody a nice "thank you" button !



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Yvette Cebu888

Whether the business is Small-Scale to Medium-Scale; First thing first. There must be Business Plan. Business is not just about ' money'

In that case, You can see how business will go from the start and there is project. That includes all the aspect.

Then have time to sit down and talk about it.

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Tuanj, here are my thoughts. Take them or leave them.


I am coming to Cebu shortly to meet a woman I met online. It is my first time in the Philippines

First of all, even if you think you do, you don't really know her yet. The Internet is a great place to meet people (I met my wife there), but you won't really know her until you spend quite a bit of time together. The fact that she has been talking about the possibility of setting up a business with you before you have even met is NOT a good sign.


I am trying to "hit the ground running" as much as possible. In the sense that I will try in the month that I am there, to at least come up with a business plan that will allow me to live there more or less permanently by next year.

You might want to think about slowing down a bit. Hit the ground walking, or even crawling, rather than running. You are a lot less likely to make major mistakes if you take things a little more slowly. In this, you should spend your time here getting to KNOW her and her family. You may find out very quickly that you don't actually like her or her family, in which case, just break it off and go meet some other women while you are here. If things happen that make you question the relationship, don't waste time on a lost cause. She is NOT your responsibility. She and her family have been surviving without your help until now. They will continue to survive as well.


DO come here with the idea that you can meet a lot of people (including women) and have a great time doing so. That way, if everything turns to shit with your GF, you can still enjoy your time here. I hope you are able to distinguish between love and lust. The girls here can be VERY seductive. That goes for your present GF and any other women you might meet while you are here. Always give yourself a way out without having to endanger your life.


One thing you said worries me...that you NEED a business to ALLOW you to live here permanently. That makes me think you are living without much financial buffer. While there are some who are able to live here without any overseas source of income, it is not common at all. All-in-all, living here is NOT that much cheaper than living in some areas of the US...at least not for the first year when you are getting set up.


If you don't have fall-back funds, such as a pensions or annuities, then I would say you may be coming here with false expectations about what it takes to live here. The laws in the Philippines are set up to frustrate foreigners and to give Filipinos every business advantage. Unless your business has at least ten full-time paid employees, you cannot legally own it (or even have a controlling share). Therefore, any money that you invest to set up a business here will be legally controlled by HER...not you. Think about that.


You are wise to stick to what you know. The further from that ideal you get, the more likely it will be that all of your hard-earned money will just dissappear. One problem you might have in working in carpentry or fishing here is that you will be competing against those who are willing to work for a lot less than you would find acceptible (even at a business level). It is far more likely that you can work for part of the year where you are now and come here on the off-seasons when fishing and carpentry work is scarce where you live. That way, you can just kick back while you are here. For now, I would forget all about setting up a business here and just concentrate on relationships or, if that fails, on having some fun on your vacation.

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Thanks to all who replied...

I won't spend a dime until I really know the place. And I don't expect to do that in one month's time. And I'm not talking about life savings, I'm talking about just getting my feet wet. So, my plan is yes, to come over and first and foremost, get the lay of the land, get to know the woman I've been corresponding with. It's not entirely a vacation though, as I am looking seriously to find an investment to support my living there. "Commuting" to Alaska, where I currently fish for a living, is something I don't want to do anymore anyway. And $1500 plane tickets add up.


As for the woman I'm visiting, the truth is that I'm 99% sure that she is the real deal as I've been chatting with many others and have a good sense of what scammers "sound" and look like. She has never given me that sense.


Number one, she isn't on the net all the damned time as many women on that site seem to be. When we talk, she always stays at the cafe until closing time and jokes that she doesn't want to be locked in (has to go).


Number two she's got lots and lots of family photos and they all look like good, healthy, happy, educated people; the youngest daughter is currently at the university in Cebu City. Her mother raised all three daughters by herself.


Number three she talks about doing her own laundry and making her own dresses...with pride. Holy moly! What American woman, besides an Amish woman, would do that? What American woman would want to do that? That just blew me away, put a big smile on my face because those are the things that tell me she's not only handy but actually likes to make her own things. Like me. It's not just American women I'm tired of, it's the whole materialist culture.


Number three, she's never asked for money. The cafe idea came up because I ASKED about her ideas for business and she said she was trying to reach her father to get money for this cafe. She's not talking about building a new place, just adding on a small addition to her mother's house, installing some computers, etc. As for the figure of 100,000 php, that was just an off-the-cuff estimate I'm sure but she had evidently put some thought into it as she was attempting to reach her father in Indonesia to ask for that specific sum. It didn't sound like a real money maker then and it doesn't now, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask.


As for the sagingan idea, I worked with this friend of mine on a fishing boat and know him to be a good guy. He has a wife and three kids to support so I'm sure any investment of his would be watched closely. But again, I would first travel to Davao del Sur and meet the players involved and if possible, be there for the start-up (and harvest).


As for manufacturing for export, I'm curious if anyone is really making money at that? My gut tells me that skyrocketing fuel costs would make that much more of a gamble than producing products for local consumption. But I'm completely ignorant on this front.


Rest assured, I'm not jumping into anything. And again, I can't thank you all enough for your two centavos....two centavos here and two centavos there and I will have my start-up money in no time.

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Julian C Thong

This is deja vu. Over the years I have read similar questions many times or read about the aftermath.


From personal experience and from many I have met here over the last 4 years, the circumstances are atypical. You can never get to KNOW someone over the internet. What you do get to know is how the person wishes themselves to be seen, quite a different thing.


The RP is known for having a very large industry that entices western men to either part with their money and/or come here to meet impoverished locals. Considerable skill is involved, different personalities on different sites (there are many), managers who handle several girls, the list goes on. If one has never been to the RP, you have no idea how this works and how girls learn the skills from each other, for example how to get someone to offer the family money without asking.


Internet cafes are for said industry and young boys gaming.


Having said all that your friend may be honest but I have never met anyone who met a pinay online where money for the family was discussed and it worked out well. If that topic cropped up, whoever started it, I would cease contact immediatley.


At this point having read the above you will be in denial. That's OK. As many have said, come here and check the place out. You're in Alaska (cold) while here it is HOT all the time. I mean you will sweat from dawn til dusk - do you want that? Plenty of fish though.


I've said this so many times but guys seeing beautiful asians over the interent cam in the darkness of winter causes their brains to become a little bit romantic and start planning for the new life - exactly what is preyed on over here.


Now to the investment advise - how do you make a small fortune in the Philippines? Come with a large one! I hang out with a number of much younger guys than me who have been living here for decades and only a few have made anything other than a modest income even thought they are specilists in their field, mainly marketing. The really well off ones (working not retired) already had a sucessful business in the west before they came and just settled. If you work for a local firm you will get local wages. A western firm, a bit more. Locals do not like foreign competition so any business you start HAS to have a western context. Export is where the money is made not for local consumption - whatever you think of will have been tried 50 times over but if you are successful someone will make sure you are eased out!


Sorry for the ramble but best you know some of the challenges before you give up fishing.

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Jim Sibbick

I am presently involved in a very very small karaoke bar and a barbecue stand in the jeepney terminal at night with my girlfriend and indirectly with a pay day lending business.


I have previously been involved in, with my ex wife's family or other foreigners

- Carabao for hire

- Furniture business

- Multicab operating as a jeepney

- Tourism business

- Piggery

- Sari Sari Store


If you want my thoughts, send me an email to [email protected]



Regards: Jim Sibbick

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No babe in the woods here, at 41. Been around the block once or twice. If you read my intro, you'll know that I'm also well-traveled and know SE Asia a bit...

Getting to your points...Yes, in an ideal world it's best to come over to PH with a fortune (takes money to make money, the old adage) but that's not me. That's why I'm here on this site, explaining what I DO have and attempting to solicit solid advice (which everyone has kindly obliged me with), based on what I tell all of you. It sounds like many on this forum are not hedge fund managers when they arrive in Manila so I am hoping there are a few in my boat so to speak. I know that I am at a disadvantage business-wise, being a Kano; with this in mind, wouldn't it seems politic to maybe invest with a pinoy as a silent partner, in something like the sagingan biz I was talking about in Davao? I have not heard anyone speak directly to this point. Again, I am looking to ease into this and have not given up my day job in Bering Sea natural resource depletion.


Anyone there in aquaculture?


As for what you said about trusting an online friend-whether Filipina or American- your points are also well taken and I can certainly use some subtle eye-rolling at this point...one thing I do know and that is when to be captain and when to be ordinary seaman.


I guess I will just say this...that I'm certainly well aware that no man is immune to the feminine charms, and yes, you guessed it, in the doldrums of early spring, for the initial several months of chatting (see my intro), my lower jaw basically hit the deck and stayed there. Guilty as charged. Thankfully, I regained my senses and finally feel good and secure in having found a good woman. She's never initiated talk of money or business. So there's nothing yet wrong with her "vibe", based on 1) my intuition and 2) based on what forum members have said here but I will tread cautiously as per yours and others advice.


Maraming salamat.

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I think what Tommy Stubbing was saying is that if you want to make a small fortune in the Philippines, you need to start with a large fortune and then keep operating your business until you have a small fortune.I tend to agree.

After what is now a 25 year association with the Philippines i've seen just about every crazy investment scheme there is, though they keep inventing new ones every day. I've seen blokes take thier life savings there and come back to Oz a few years later penniless. I'm not saying that all business ideas will fail but i'm sure history will paint a very dim picture.

Certainly to invest any money into something where you will not be there to manage yourself is a one way street to disaster.

If something sounds too good to be true, then you can rest assured...........it is. It's your money my friend and you will do with it what you wish but please take the advise of all those who have posted here, you are being told the truth.If you wish to live in the Philippines my best advice is to set up a steady income in your own country before you leave.

Your only business in the Philippines will be to go and get your monthly budget from an ATM.For now, go and meet your GF, enjoy yourself, see if you like Phil, have a good look around but don't make any decisions based on just one visit. Take your time and take it all in first.

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Didnt read all the thread, but you can email me by my signature and ill forward your email to digit. Hes a good business minded guy.

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