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Where to buy furniture in Cebu?

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Now that I have cleaned house (had all the relatives move out) it's time for me to buy a couple of new couches. Do any of you have any good ideas on where?

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That's a bit like asking how long is a peice of string? It all depends on what you want. There is plenty of fairly cheap and nasty stuff available in the malls, together with some more expensive, but still not that great, stuff. Then there are the "native" styles, which you can pick up in many places. Mandaue Foam is not too bad for mid priced stuff. If you want rattan types then there are places out at Liloan and Consellation. There is a very contemporary designer/manufacturer with a showroom in Pardo. Expensive but very stylish. Finding really high quality is not so easy unless you like the heavy, ornate styles that find favour here. Its good, but expensive.

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there's a furniture store on left side of street gefore you get to s & r... they have a sale going on now up to 50% off, good quality furniture there. i forget name of furniture store...for couches mandaue foam in mandaue. for tables bedroom sets this place near s&r..... matteres at mandaue foam. hope this helps..

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there's a furniture store on left side of street gefore you get to s & r... they have a sale going on now up to 50% off, good quality furniture there. i forget name of furniture store...


The name is GIARDINI DEL SOLE ( I only know that because every time I want to throw up I go there )


Every house in Cebu that is considered a house has at lease 1 piece by Kenneth Cobonpue, but if you want to get something from an up and coming designer pick up a piece from Vito Selma.

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Wombat No More

Mate, I've answered this same question in the past.


My Aussie mate who lives and has his little furniture factory right behind my place, The future Wombat's Womb Cafe, Abuno, Lapu Lapu (other side of the airfield over the Old Bridge), makes export cane furniture.


Any beautiful or classy piece you see in the several stores or other manufacturers, he can make the same exactly if you like except that he knows how they make their furniture and his is made much stronger and with thicker strengtheners/supports etc. His stuff, of very high standard (exports to Australia also) is well under the price you can buy ANYWHERE else, often up to 50% less. Cushions can be organised and he has them made at Mandaue foam.


He also makes cupboards, bookcases and mahogany beds (with or without cane worked bedheads). He showed me a beautiful bookcase today and I was impressed by how nice it looked. About 6.5 ft high, about 4.5 ft wide, and a really nice set of doors on the bottom quarter. Really nice canework, plus a lot of wood, solid without any flex at all. I think he said around P14k??? It will sell in Australia for about $900 to $1,000.


All the furniture for my wife's cafe to open, is made by him and it is good stuff and looks very nice.


The stuff at Mandaue foam that people like so much, is way overpriced compared to my mate. He often chuckles at the prices they are getting for a lot of their furniture. He doesn't have a store to pay rent on, just his little factory and it's not a lot. So his prices are much cheaper and he sells at wholesale prices and not retail and adds a very modest and small percentage on to his manufacture costs for each piece.


You can text him thru me, Phil, (I don't get any commission or whatever) on my other number 09099449198

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Jim in Cebu

For cheap furniture, try Sun Gold near Parkmall


In October-November 2010, we furnished the living room, dining room, and one bedroom of our apartment essentially from scratch (and also purchased some kitchen and laundry room appliances, and some entertainment equipment which are beyond the scope of this thread). We looked at Mandaue Foam (Hernan Cortes St and Talamban Road stores), Blems (at Ayala), the furniture sections of the department stores at SM, Ayala, and Giasano, S&R Membership, Giardini Del Sole (near S&R Membership), Cebu Home Builders (AS Fortuna St and their furniture outlet at Parkmall), a couple of other furniture outlets at Ayala and Parkmall whose names I don't remember, several "warehouse" furniture outlets, All Weather furniture (export overruns) outlet (H Abellana near the highway), and some of the Trade Hall displays at SM, Sun Gold (outlets near S&R membership and across from SM) -- and probably a few others that I'm not remembering.


With the exception of the wicker styled living room furniture that we purchased at the All Weather furniture outlet and a storage shelf that we purchased at S&R Membership, we purchased everything else at Mandaue Foam.


Mandaue Foam has in store markdowns on selected items and occasional store-wide sales. The on-the-floor inventories of the different showrooms varies some - so you may want to visit more than one showroom. In addition to the Hernan Cortes and Talamban Road stores, there's a store in Pardo which we did not visit. All the stores have access to the same warehouse inventory, so if you see things you like at different outlets, write down the stock numbers (or, take a digital picture of the tag). Then you can order everything at once from the store nearest your home -- and save on delivery charges.


Most of the furniture we saw elsewhere was much higher priced and/or much poorer quality. The exceptions to this were Blems (at Ayala), which had a few nice pieces that we liked but did not buy, and Giardini Del Sole (near S&R Membership), which has some beautiful higher-end stuff, a few pieces that we also liked but did not buy -- our apartment is not large (by American standards) and we have a limited budget.)


Sun Gold was a major disappointment. While they had a lot of selection, the quality was poor and the prices were higher than Mandaue Foam.


The Trade Hall at SM has various furniture vendors every few weeks. While we don't care for much of what we see there (or at any store), occasionally they have some wonderful stuff (often export overruns) and heavily discounted prices. If we hadn't already purchased our living room wicker set earlier, we would have gotten a set that we saw at the Trade Hall later.


Bottomline: Mandaue Foam met our price and quality requirements, and we have been pleased with their products and customer service.


Hint: Take a digital camera with you when you go shopping. If you are interested in a piece of furniture, take a photo of it and of its tag. This will help you to recall what you saw and what store you saw it at.

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