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Roast chicken and vegetables for dummies

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Yummy, but hold the chicken and double up on the veggies!!


But, do we really have to cook it?


Cooking was a method of preservation from the old days. With modern refrigeration, cooking is no longer required.



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Roast chicken with vegetables

One (or two) whole chickens

3 carrots

8 tomatoes

6 pc eggplant

3 chilly (or more)





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grilling the chicken...take a big knife and cut thru the backbone ..turn it over and push down on the breast till the breastbone breaks and chicken is flat...cut a little hole in skin at bottom of the chicken on each side and tuck in the leg bones...make a cut to the bone at the joints of leg and thigh...on each side..chicken will be flat and cook evenly thru and fast .even better than individual pieces..juicy tender and lots of cracks and crevices for sauce and surface area to provide raised and crispy skin..if youre far from home and need just one cookbook ....its jaques peppins classic techniques ...a good guide for baking and preperation of the basics ....along with the original silver palate cookbook... :D get em on your new kindles :biggrin_01:

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