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lets begin at confused

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If you're wanting to throw $70 around please throw some my way.


Hmmmmmm scratch_head.gifthumbsup.gif

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I've been doing the "Balikbayan Program" for 12 years now and that's the first time I ever heard of an immigration official asking if your have a follow-on ticket!

I know that most airline ticket counter employees will not give you a boarding pass without a round trip or follow-on ticket going to Manila, but I've never been asked that from an immigration official upon arrival in Manila from the U.S. and was always given the BB stamp without any hassles! How long ago was this when it happen? Was your Filipino wife with you? And where were you coming from? And what did you do after they stamped your passport with the 21 day visa? I'll make additional comments after you have answered my questions, because this is intriguing to me, because I may email the BI main office in Manila to verify this because it's conflicting with what the BB Program is all about from the U.S. anyway and on Philippines Airlines which is the only airline exclusively that can issue one way tickets to "Balikbayans" to Manila from the U.S., so how can an immigration official deny me a BB stamp when PAL issued me a one way ticket to Manila? That's why I'm curious!

The airlines requirement for an onward ticket to get a boarding pass is to comply with Philippine law that requires any person not holding an immigrant visa have an onward or return ticket. The BB stamp is a privilege not a right and immigration is not required to issue it. It is usually issued, but is at the discretion of the immigration official.


You are spot on with that. In 2006 ( before I got my perm residence cert ) I flew in from Singapore for 10 days here on business and the immigration officer would not stamp my passport until I provided a onward ticket out of PI. It really depends if the Immigration Officer is having a good or bad day its totally up to them. My wife was here also waiting and it didn't make any difference. No onward ticket No entry.

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Well, if one don't ask, one don't get!

If I am interpreting the original post correctly, he doesn't qualify for a BB stamp in the first place. It doesn't appear that his wife has been out of the Philippines for a year.


Yes, you're correct in that instance for that category.


By legal definition, a Balikbayan is:

1. A Filipino citizen who has been continuously out of the Philippines for a period of at least 1 year;

2. A Filipino overseas worker; or

3. A former Filipino citizen and his or her family, who had been naturalized in a foreign country and comes or returns to the Philippines.

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hello again,


i have removed the caps lock key from the keyboard for those who seem put out by it. but may be you should send a quick email to the computer manafacturers and advise them to remove the caps lock when making the keyboards, seems funny that they would put one on the keyboard with the intention of annoying and bugging the diaspora that use keyboards, think of the money they could/would save by not putting them in the keyboard, or maybe i should email them and let them know about all the disgruntled users the world over..


to those who managed to see past the caps lock and answered my queries thank you very much indeed it was a great help and continue to look for advise on the subject posed......


Hi Dyanisis


Someone should have explained that using all capital letters on a post is read as shouting. Just hold the Shift key to select a capital letter & let go to continue in normal type. Caps Lock is useful when typing letters & forms.


Beyond that, only 2 people commented on that fact, so easy on the over reacting, most here tried to offer help & advice but wont feel so willing to help if replies are in the tone above.


Your original post posed some interesting questions regarding the 13A in Ireland or here and whether you can process without your wife. I think you would have a complicated time in Ireland because I think your wife would need to be present for interview. When issued abroad, the 13A is provisional until you go to BI here on arriving ( they will give you a sealed envelope to present here) so perhaps the interview could be arranged for then? As for a reply from the Embassy, I would give them a chance to get back from the Xmas & New Year break, then phone them. Let us know what you find out. It may help others.


Good luck & hope all goes well in 2011.

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hello again folks


so i wrote several emails to the embassy in dublin and after explaining that i have to go home to ireland for 6 months and i will be applying from there and i gave them the reasons why i need to apply there for the permanent visa, and after a 7 week wait for a reply this is what i got from them. i couldnt have made it more plainer in the emails to them that applying from the phils was not an option for me and that i would not be




Dear Sir,


Please be advised that you may apply for a Non-Quota Immigrant visa while

you are in the Philippines.You may visit the nearest Bureau of Immigration

(BID) office or its website for the requirements.It is more appropriate and

also more convenient for you that you file your application with the BID

while you are in the country.


Thank You.




am i missing something,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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Stranded Shipscook

you may add that at all time when availing to the balikbazan program you have to show an onward/return ticket too.

I got troubled in Manila because i did ot had one and they simply refused to stamp the BB in. The immi officer showed me a memo thats its needed. interesting was that they stamped me a 21 day visa without any problems (BASTARDS!!)

That really kind of sucks as the BB stamp os good for a year and you can't buy an airline ticket that far out.


I'm wondering if that applies only to the foreigner or also the returning spouse if they aren't an RP citizen.


I have a ticket from Tiger airlines to Singapore good until October cost less then $70 if I can extend the ticket then great, but if not what the heck it is $70

If you're wanting to throw $70 around please throw some my way.


I am cheaper than skyman, you can throw 5 $ bills at me, i would even accept dimes !!

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