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Did I just get Ripped Off?

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P45,000 Notary sounds about right. (P4,500 X Whitey Tax of 1,000%)

I like to refer to it as the "Long-Nose Tax" :biggrin_01:



Man.. you guys haven't picked up on the tax table yet?


Whitey Tax = (X's 1,000%) ...guys with only Filipina girlfriend, or none

Long Nose Tax = (X's 750%) ...the guys with Filipina wives

Blimey Tax = (X's 1,250%) ...cause its so hard to understand Brit's English

Kimchee Tax = (X's 100% - 500% ) ...cause they are some cheap ass, frugal bastards

Kangaroo Tax = (X's 750%) ...inflated up to 1,500% for the Ozzies in Angeles that fequent the red light district)

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