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any medium to large size city 400,000 and above will normally have an American Express office in the United Kingdom as well. And yes, they will cash them without the need to show the receipts. American Express will normally give the best street rate for buying US dollars as well in the UK. I don't believe for a minute that they will ask for the receipts to redeem them. A moneychanger in Ermita once asked me asked for one though.


in Thailand, Malaysia you don't need to seek out any American Express office to get your hands on foreign exchange - except when you mess up, they're lost/stolen/damaged and you have to get them replaced. That's when, after you've phoned in and reported them lost, you have to google them/look in the phone book and get on the mass transit and get over there. Even then, you won't need the receipts - just the numbers. In Thailand/Malaysia, you can cash them in every single bank. Every single one, even in hicksville, not to mention the thousands of independent moneychangers in the tourist areas. At the same uniform encashment fee, which in Thailand in particular, is very low (33 baht). There's still very much a place for travellers checks on the road. They're safe, secure, easy, and good value, obviously in some countries more than others (not really the Philippines). Never let anybody hung up on high tec tell you otherwise.

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