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Fantastic Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwiches (pics)


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I've never heard of pulled pork BBQ before, but that looks seriously appetising!




Once you had you pork pulled, you will want it pulled from then on out.. Best on steamy buns. :lol:

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Bob Ward

Memphis, Kansas City, St. Louis, NC/SC and some would say Texas (But beef ain't BBQ, LOL) all have their own great style. I have some age old secrets that I can't share or I will be killed. LOLOL Maybe we will put together a BBQ day soon?

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smoking with apple wood and basting and injecting with apple juice makes for a nice brisket.


took me over a month to figure out that Filipino BBQ is shiskabob--- kept looking at the shishkabob thinking WTF ?FINALLY FOUND THE LECHON AND :lol:


The way the Filipino's cook the chicken with coconut shell charcoal and wrapped in banana leaves buried in the ground is certainly some of the best chicken I have ever tasted !!


Filipino's also have grilling fish down to an fine art-- not a lot of that goes on around here in kc

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Outstanding Turbota,


One of the finest post of recent times


thanks for sharing



ps...enjoyed my last visit in your backyard....your turn to come to mine,I got a bushel of sweet corn/bring the san mig...here is out of stock!

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