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Unwanted Babies


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My thoughts, were reflecting the stupidity of Sha-Sha's Neice, getting pregnant almost immediately after delivering the baby, then repeating it twice more! To come out with a statement that she does not want the 'father' of her babies to use a 'condom' because it don't feel as nice, is rather irresponsible and selfish.


I told this Jim, the 'father' of her babies, "No Money in wallet, keep 'otin' in pocket!




:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: ............


Oh David that's crude

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you don't have to rely on condoms for contraception. Who would want to rely on them in a stable relationship anyway, even if they weren't rubbish and too liable to break, like too many are in south east Asia.


anybody in the Philippines can just walk into any chemist and get a monthly course of the pill for 30 pesos. In Thailand, like condoms (and the pill) in the UK, they're free to women on demand, or else they can get it for a miniscule price, like 5 baht. They don't have to pay an hour's wage every month for them like women do in the Philippines. Might be one of the reasons why Thai women have the power to plan their families properly and now actually have a less number of kids per woman, than not only American, but UK women too.

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Remember the OFW from the Middle East a few weeks ago? The one that threw her baby in the trash on the plane? Thats an unwanted baby. The mother only wanted the baby after she got busted. Whether she was attacked by her boss or she and her boy friend did the deed and now she did not want to face her husband and children who were waiting for her back in the RP, I don't know if we will ever know. But sadly that was an unwanted baby.

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I am a 'Brit' married to a Filipina, after getting a Divorce from my British Wife of over 20 Years. I had a Son and a Daughter from that 1st Marriage.


I chose to have a 'Vasectomy' as I had done my bit to populate the world. By Philippine standards, I was wealthy yet made a positive step to stick with just 1 x son and 1 x daughter.


The 'Urologist' giving me an 'interview' prior to undertaking the quick and simple 'Vasectomy' surgical procedure, asked me this -


"What if there was to be an accident (God forbid), in which your son and you daughter died. Would you not want to have some more children?"


I answered with :-

"If I have an accident in my car, and it is totalled, finished; but my comprehensive insurance, can give me another brand new car, the same make and model, if I wish.

If I lost my Children, they can never be replaced (cloning does not exist yet). They are unique individuals that I love most dearly. Trying to 'replace' them would be an 'insult' to the life of my son and daughter! To the things we did together and experienced life together. I would not want to forget them and focus on a new life. They will live on in my heart and in my memories. I do not want any 'replacements".


The Urologist thought that was a good answer and agreed I could have the Vasectomy. I received the Letter giving me the Date, the Place (St. Peter's Hospital, Chertsy) and the time, 2pm). I had the day off work and was having breakfast and the phone rang. It was the Hospital asking me why I was not there for my Vasectomy? I told them I was scheduled for 2pm according to the letter sent by the Hospital Administration. It must be a mistake, we have you scheduled for 9am - how soon can you get here!

I was at the Hospital 30 mins later, and finished another 45 minutes later, and back home just after. After 2 months and Semen Sample it was confirmed no Sperm, so firing 'Blanks' confirmed, and could stop using alternative Contraception methods.


I was the eldest of a Family of 5. My Father came from a Family of 14 (the 'Pill' did not exist back then).


In the UK, with its National Health Service and National Insurance, there is not the problem of being able to afford Children. They get FREE Health and Education and even Housing and allowances if necessary. Yet myself and many thousands of others, voluntarily elect to have a Vasectomy, as a responsible, permanent solution to not bringing unwanted children into the World.

I see the Niece of my wife, pregnant with Child #4. She has no house of her own, and the 'Father' of her children is living with parents in a 'Nippa' Hut, and has no job. They can not afford the 1st Child, to provide him the milk, the food, the cost of medical treatment if he gets sick. Yet they now have 3 others to also look after.


I asked my wife's niece, "Why have more babies, when you cant afford to take care of them and raise them properly. Why don't you insist your 'husband' use a 'condom'?

She answered "Don't like, Sex not feel the same with rubber johnny".


5 minutes of Pleasure, for a lifetime of 'financial pain'. - was it worth it?



People who can afford (meaning have stable job) have lesser children compared to those who are jobless or living in the barrios or in the squatters area.


Education has something to do with this. Educated people are more responsible individual. And also, those who don't have work, has nothing to keep them busy. Also the lack of some entertainment facilities at home such as television wherein they can divert themselves to watching TV rather than producing babies. Of course.. how can they afford TV and the monthly electric bill when they don't even have a house of their own. Let's understand them...biggrin_01.gif

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People who can afford (meaning have stable job) have lesser children compared to those who are jobless or living in the barrios or in the squatters area.


Education has something to do with this. Educated people are more responsible individual.


education, but not just education attitude and just control is more important. One of the Filipino families I most admire they have two boys and they told me that's it we don't want any more. We've done enough. They live in a neat tidy house in Tacloban. It's nice and ordered. Even though they are not wealthy, and they can't afford to privately educate the children, they can afford to have internet. They have little trimmings, like books on the shelves that they wouldn't be able to afford if there were six kids, instead of two. Little touches. There's control there. You just know the kids are going to grow up smart and probably get scholarships.


the woman said I wanted a girl, I really wanted a girl, the guy said I'm happy with my sons. So what the hell else is new. Too bad.

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