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Father-in-law has passed away

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I can assure you we won't be spending anything like $5k. As we are the ones who have paid all the medical bills plus medicines plus plus plus for so many years, it has drained our resources severely. We will pay what we can afford and know that we have done all we can. As you say, the end result will be the same.




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It varies slightly depending on your wifes familys faith. If they are catholics


Most of the organization is done by the funeral homes. St Peter is probably the best-known here, catering for rich and poor alike. They make available all that is required, from coffin and embalming


WOW! From reading this thread makes me very appreciative that my wife is not Catholic, and comes form a small family!


Larry in Dumaguete







Yes, you are very lucky that she is not Catholic.

I just do not get the idea why having a small or large family have anything to do with burial cost for a loved one.


I have nothing against cremation. My honey has told me he'd like to be cremated but if I die first, he wouldn't go that route as I have so many in my family and so many friends that would do anything, to make sure I get buried the way 'we believe proper' that would be within the budget that everyone CAN AFFORD. He'd respect 'our tradition, our belief, our culture.'


And I am sure cremation is the cheapest and most practical way that you and your wife have planned for each other when that day comes.

Other way is also donating or selling the body too for research.


When my day comes... I don't think it matters if I get cremated or sliced up into pieces. But I am pretty sure going that route will not make any of my grieving family ease their pain.


Well, if one has a large family there are likely to be more deaths. Also when a foreigner is part of the immediate family other donations are smaller, because they are rich already having a foreigner in the family. It's possible you may disagree with this, but two years ago a friend of mine and a member of this forum passed away. His widow was left with quite an expense for all the freeloaders who came and spent 2 weeks eating, drinking, etc.


My wife does not want to be cremated, and I would respect that and do as she wished, but my instructions to her are don't sell the farm (not that we have a farm to sell) to bury me, because I don't care one way or the other. I told her to cremate me and throw the ashes in any body of water. When she expressed feelings that then she would have no place to go to remember me, I informed her that my body would be a part of any body of water anywhere on earth. The only person she has to please at the point of my demise is herself. Neither of us has a lot in the way of close family, and I don't care about what the family thinks anyway. If they want something special, they can very well pay for it.


Larry in Dumaguete

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Thank you Sir...

I get your point.




I was thinking, the larger the family, the more number of members who could be able to chip in for a grandous burial.

I just thought that's what family should do... help each other.


But I missed your point.... that for some (in this case) may not be able to help at all but add to the financial burden.

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An update for anyone interested. Just got back from the funeral today. Everything over the past week has gone pretty much as stated by Elinel.Just glad it's over and done with now and hope i don't need to go through that again.Absobloodylutely amazing just how many people will come for a free feed....................even in a cemetery! The constant supplying of food and drink was a real pain day in, day out. Costs ran to about P100,000. The family already had a burial plot in Talisay so we avoided that bit.

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