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Missing British woman.

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It is starting to look like a Dutchmen may have possibly killed this British woman and the American businessman. So imagine that, a foreigner may have murdered other foreigners. Give them time they will catch the bastard or bastards responsible for both murders.

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She was intending to fly to Thailand (Phuket) on the 11th/12th from Cebu, however she did not arrive at her destination and has been completely out of contact since the 12th of September. She was due

She could equally have been booked to KL via Davao and then on to Phuket. But that's not really the point: she's missing and her family is concerned.       Mark   Exactly right Mark.... but Udon

so it's 'shit stirring' to raise the point that the lady might not even be in the Philippines, based on that rather impractical-sounding itinerary.   could be in Manila. Could be in Cebu. Could be i

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This was widely descussed and speculation about his possible involvement mentioned on another message board, shortly after his partner was killed.


Lets hope that the authorities are getting closer to solving these crimes.

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