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Aircon vs. aircooler


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I own land in Southern Utah and the evaporative coolers work great with the low humidity and so much cheaper than A/C but they would be useless in the Phil as noted.


I have also used both window a/c boxes and roll around units here in Washington DC. The roll arounds cost more but are dependent on a/c their hoses which have to vent to the outside anyway and getting an airtight port for them would be a lot more trouble then putting i a window unit or cutting a hole in the wall in my opinion.

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A split unit would be easier to install than a window banger.

A hole for the small pipes and attach the blower unit/Evaporator to the wall or ceiling. The condenser unit would be mounted on the ground or on a little iron work on the wall of the building.

Cebu Appliance was offering free install of split units, which would be a better and quieter aircon.


The 'coolers' just make you feel a little cooler. With the humidity there, you need the real thing FREON or whatever gas they use now to protect the environment



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